I am relatively new to the business--1 1/2 years.  I've worked mainly on the internet, but spent time as a "floor salesperson". My love is the Internet customer.  I know my product line, and can answer most questions on vehicles, pricing, etc.  My close to lead percentage is above average (14-20%). I believe in customer service to get customers in and purchase.  I previously did "a to z" but recently changed dealerships due to a move. I am now doing lead response, appt setting, greeting the customer, and handing them to a salesperson.  We don't really purchase 3rd party leads...the dealership is doing a lot of budget crunching, and don't think that is an option. Our internet traffic is about 120 leads per month.  

My question is..any ideas to ramp up my internet leads without spending money, or very little.  We do some Facebook, but that is mainly controlled by a separate dept.

I think there are some improvements that can be made on the dealership website as far as user-friendliness (finding the car and packages that the customer is looking  for)--and I am working on that.

Any info?  I've read some of your threads and found some info but it doesn't really answer what I'm looking to do.


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As always a dealership website can always be tweaked.  I would also look into video marketing, specifically video search engine optimization.  It is highly effective if you have the right vendor partner but there are some basics that you can learn to do it yourself.  You can use video testimonials, walk around videos, comparison videos and any other videos made for the dealership.  You can dominate the market and drive traffic to your website which we know will result in more leads.

That is just one out of many ways to increase traffic.


Hi Melissa, I would like to first address the statement that your dealer is crunching numbers and that is typical of a GM or dealer who is in panic mode. Most dealers have the idea that if they have a website and pre-owned vehicles on AutoTrader and Cars.com that is all they need. While I realize that everyone responding has great intentions, no one can really get to the root of the issue unless they are there. My recommendation would invite a true internet consultant in to give you a free consultation of your dealerships internet policy and procedures. In the Baltimore market your dealer will have allow you to get aggressive in going after more customers which means he needs to be willing to spend a few more advertising dollars in getting more leads. However make sure that you give and every request for information your full attention the same way you would a walk in customer or a phone up.


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