We need experienced, saavy Internet Managers for our clients in PA, NJ and NY.  Great opportunities for the right people!  Business is picking up!  If I have your resume, you will be first I call!!!  Julie at Automotive Search Group 888-697-0091

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Hi Julie,
I'm brand new in this community but I am curious... What exactly is an Internet Manager?
Julie, I am reading about your need for internet managers. Retailing autos over the internet has matured to the point you should think about changing your process. Having different departments such as new or internet cost you money and distorts morale at your store. (people buying from used cars a vehicle they saw on an internet post) Do you only allow part of your sales team to use the telephone?
This is something I can help with. Lets get everyone on your team using the internet and social media. Done right, in less than a year no more money spent on newspaper, television, magazines, banners, flyers etc.
ViralMarketplace@gmail.com or Craig Darling 480-659-5774
Julie, Hi
I am looking for a few internet sales/appointment closers, Seeking both new and pre owned certified candidates. Salary, plus com. Flexible hours.
Let me know if you can assist.
John Burch
Sloane auto group.


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