Let me start by telling a quick story;

I am a mother of two little girls that are only 14 months apart in age. The amount of questions and reasoning to get what is wanted, when its wanted is absolutely insane. " Mom, can I get this?" "Why not?""If I cant get this now, when can I?" "What do I have to do to get it?

Questions about life and the eagerness to learn and the eagerness to succeed.

One day after a long battle of explaining the reasons of why getting a puppy would not be a good option at this point for us, I sat back on the couch and thought....Where and how did we as adults give up the "want and need" to learn and the curiosity about learning that we once had as a child?

I think once we go through our schooling, college or Grad School we fall into the"trap" of routine. Routine that we now just go to work to pay bills, go to work to buy a house or go to work for our families. Why can we not encourage and make education in the workplace part of our 30 day routine? It is probably the most important factor that contributes to our success as an individual and as a dealer. Some dealers might say " I have just problems hiring or keeping people" "Why do I want to invest in education if the employee might leave?" Ok, so you have a high employee turn over percentage. If you invest in monthly education and make a commitment to your store and your business and encourage education, you are making a commitment to success!

First, your investment is to your store. Not only will this attract a higher "work ethic" of future employees but adds to your branding of your store. Education  will not only keep you and your employees up to date on new business solutions, but give your staff the ability to communicate on a much higher conversational and educated level with your clients. We are adult human beings and we suffer from something called "selective memory". We need the repetition much as children do! Establish a routine that is more productive and produces overall success for our stores and individual growth. The difference on dealers that make the commitment and invest in routine training and offer education monthly have a much higher success rate lower staff turn over rate. At the end of the day you are investing into an industry that you love and are passionate about. Take a minute and go back to the very first day you started in this industry and look at how hard you worked for what you have. Be the "shining" dealer , educate your staff and encourage better learning. Give your dealership every possible tool to succeed. Give your staff every possible futuristic and contagious idea and abilities to succeed.

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