I need some great ideas on how to overcome the issue that I will be selling cars in the middle of rubble while we remodel our store over the next 12 months....what do I say to my customers?  Some have already started with, "Well you must be making alot of money if you can afford to remodel..."  Uh Oh....I stumbled a bit on that one...Anyone?

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Yes! Good point!  We are using ALL local vendors to help our local community even though it may be a little more expensive...very good redirect...I'll use that. Thank you.


Jillian, greetings!

Please have a look to what happens in Europe with remodelling-revampings of the dealerships due to the new standards of the EOM...


Maybe you will get some ideas for a 'polite' answer to your customers!


Jillian I offer some ideas in this months newsletter to our VIP Club members about this very thing.  Another business turned their remodel into a celebration and it worked well. 

If you would like a copy of that portion of the newsletter I can send it to you. 

Part of it is your perception of the "rubble" being passed on to the customer.  If you view it as a hassle, so will they.  You can re-position it as a benefit to them or a representation of your success for taking excellent care of your customers.

Kenny Atcheson

Thank you Kenny...very much!




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