I would love your input on a program I am working on which will be a study on the actions required in order to create BIG BOY SUCCESS.

If you were going to study a program on Success what:
1) Specific topics would you want included
2) How long do you think it would be
3) How would you like it delivered to you
4) What support materials would you want.

Thanks for your immediate response as I am targeted to get this out by the end of August. 
And be sure and vote on the poll that is going- appreciate your support on both projects

Grant Cardone

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Selling cars in this new age. How salespeople and managers stop the sale process. How they kill a sale without even knowing they did.
Getting buy-in from everyone in the dealership. Help in getting others to see it.
I think to prove the points they would have to hear it from customers. All types of customers.
Video. Show the culture change that is taking place in the auto business. The customers control of the sales process.
Training material that can be adapted in a one on one setiing along with classroom
1 - very specific topic is how to break through a barrier when there seems no possible way of overcoming it!

2 - an answer does not have to be long and drawn out, three or four strategies with a few action items and examples will be fine

3 - video blog accompanied by a short synopsis in writing

4 - some type of tracking sheet to track daily progress or even better yet, a journal


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