dE member's I need advise...

What are some of the best ways to get your salespeople to sell instock units?  

We are to fast to say we can go get what you want.  How do you change the culture to sell from instock?

Instock units

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I love this word track, Chris, and will probably use it the next time I have someone wanting to locate a vehicle. I appreciate your input.

Right on Vicki Who has any more to add  

Right on Point

Tim Pendergast is spot on! There is not a trainer alive that I learned more from than Jackie Cooper!

Sell what you see!

Not as easy as it sounds if takes mastering the art of selling! Out of 24 years in car sells I did two or three Dealer Locates!

How? Selling on your feet!

Buyer comes in? I knew what cars I was going to show them with powerful reasons why this color will hold its resale value more than the one we would have to locate!

Never tell a customer "if we have to locate one it will cost more" All they will do is go down the road and buy elsewhere! 

It all starts at the point of contact and gaining unheard trust and feeding your brain with scientific research !

 Will You Be Driving This New Car To And From the Office?

little old school 

The Bible is the old school and still works today! Please be open minded and learn from every great trainer that ever lived! Then add your teams personality and words to the techniques!

The Bible is the old school and still works today! Please be open minded and learn from every great trainer that ever lived! Then add your teams personality and words to the techniques!

i agree

"Mr Customer, our best deals (ad specials / biggest discounts) are typically on units we have in stock..." It really comes down to rapport and influence your sales and management team has. Of course, you are going to have to chase cars. One thing I learned in my first few months in the business during negotiation is never give something away without getting something in return.

What are you getting in return? I have...

  • had the buyer participate in the transport expense
  • provided an A/B pricing scenario
  • gotten a CSI commitment
  • had them give me referrals BEFORE we made the deal


It is sad to see the quality level of automotive salespeople, today.  Worse yet is the quality of the management staff at dealerships.  

I am about to retire or at least semi-retire after 40 years in the business.  At this point, I couldn't recommend the car business to a young person that was considering it as a profession.

I wrote an article, on another forum, about an old friend that sold and delivered 10 vehicles on a Saturday.  He averages 35+ vehicles per month.  He is not an internet guy and works strictly on repeat and referral business.  What shocked me was that people replied that they don't want the "super star" salespeople and would prefer three guys selling 10 cars than one selling 35.  Anyone can manage green peas.  I believe that most dealerships lack the quality people that can manage the super star salespeople and definitely couldn't train anyone to be one.

Not convinced?  Ask a salesperson to go through the steps of a sale with you.  Pay close attention to the qualifying questions and the selection process. Managers come off of the desk to close deals.  When I was selling, they brought in a top salesman for half of your deal.

On average, customers visit 1.4 to 1.8 dealerships (I've seen both statistics) while purchasing a car.  That should tell you that customers have already made up their minds before setting foot in your store.  If you are closing 30% of your traffic (a NADA statistic that is over 30 years old) your people don't know the right processes and are poorly trained.

At my last store, my internet staff (12 ISMs) sold and delivered over 85% of their shown appointments and we didn't do dealer transfers on internet business.  

I once heard a salesperson tell one of my people, "I would never work for your boss." "He is always up your a$$".   Yes, I listened to every sales call.  I stood back and observed many of the presentations.  I read every email.  I considered every one of those to be a training exercise.  

Managers are responsible for their salespeople's success.  Many couldn't teach a fish to swim.


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