Startup Watch: If It Works, Little Bird May Become a Car Dealer's Best Social Media Friend

One of my responsibilities with Hasai, the non-automotive social media marketing division of KPA, is to "pull and Enterprise" as we often say around the office. We explore strange new worlds. We seek out new social media life and new social civilizations. We boldly go where no automotive marketing firm has gone before.

With that said, it's a lot less fun and romantic than it sounds. In reality, we look at dozens of startups every week that will offer zero value to the car business (and at times, to any business at all). Every now and then, a startup comes to life that piques our interests. Little Birdby former tech journalist Marshall Kirkpatrick is one of those startups.

In essence, it appears to be a localized social media influence engine. There are others already out there but initial tests and browsing around the sample reports shows that this one might actually be able to tell the difference between real influencers and those who have artificially inflated their Klout or whatever other measures there are out there.

We'll keep a close eye on it, but for now here's the launch video:

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