We are looking at switching CRM's and would like some recommendations from current users.  We are currently using Higher Gear and looking at DealerPeak and IMagic.  We are a Nissan store selling about 230-250 units per month with over 140 of those units being sold out of our 10 person BDC department.  We are looking for a CRM that works well with "Internet Based" stores.  Any suggestions?

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Kind of surprised you did not get pounced on with this request Tommy. I have used Higher Gear and Imagic. Are you looking of DMS integration? What are you top expectations?

VinSolutions, eLead, iMagic, and DealerPeak are my top favorites

HigherGear is perfect for sales managers at the desk...but it lacks in other aspects

What type of solution are you looking for? Integration, reporting. web based, user friendly, etc... It's really difficult to give a recommendation without  knowing exactly what your expectations / desires are. Personally I like Retnolds & Reynolds Contact Manager, however it can be difficult in the beginning to get it to integrate seamlessly. I also believe that your current DMS would be a factor as well; if you are looking for an easy solution to integrate into your current processes.


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