How do you maximize your website and website traffic to the fullest? Spending so many ad dollars and funds to acquire website traffic is such a investment for dealers.  Let's say you are awesome and your website traffic converts "at best" at 10%, what do you do to capture the other 90% of online shoppers you have yet to identify? I think fishing in a big pond vs catching the fish already in your pond is where you have the most missed opportunities to identify.

According to Google One-third of in-market shoppers collect all information needed – in two weeks or less – from start to final purchase. This leads to understanding why maximizing your current opportunities is so important. Your website navigation and shopper experience has never been so important. Providing a easy informative shopping experience has become a huge factor in the influence and affect your business will have on future customers.

Identify your CURRENT customer base and identify that source as part of your sales process. What are you doing to retain the current customers you have already sold? It seems to be easier to chase after cold third party leads than working on retaining your own customer base. Capitalize on your own assets first before exploring other venues. 

Understanding the way your customers shop online is extremely important. It is no longer about marketing your business and website to your liking, it is about understanding how your customers search, shop, navigate and inquire. What is important to them? If your website navigation consists of long lead forms or if you do not offer a "why buy" reason to your online shoppers, you are only going to be the site people bounce from.

Pick one non automotive website that you personally like to shop from and identify why you shop there and what you like about it. Amazon is great since they offer a browsing history on what you last looked at and offer features to display similar products. Your website needs to tell a great story, that displays great photos and options about that vehicle. Giving a customer a reason to click should be the mentality on every little aspect of your website.  

Think about it. If you don't care enough to "Wow" your customers, they will find the "Wow" factor elsewhere.

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