I have been reading a lot lately.  I thought it was just time to simply learn more and push myself.   I have to tell you right out of the gates, the first book I picked up has done just that for me.   I am reading "Have a New You by Friday"  By Dr. Kevin Leman.  He is an expert on birth order and how that effects your life.   After reading the segment of the book on birth order, I was able to pretty much tell the birth order of almost everyone I was talking to or see the traits in which they carry.  This is very real and very cool stuff.  So I am wondering, What is your position in the store and what is your birth order?   I think if we can get a great discussion going here the things we will learn about our business and why certain people are where they are in the dealership will astound you.  I can tell you this, in my life and hiring in the future I will consider a Birth Order as a pert of the questioning for particular jobs.   Not that I would ever place all bets on it, But it might let me know what I should look for in an employee to get the most out of them.

FYI... I am a last born, trying to gain more and more first born qualities to become a more well rounded individual.  

So, What are you in your birth order? maybe include some info about siblings to compare and what is your position in the the dealership or your company?

Thanks in advance for the healthy discussion,


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