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The following list of dealerELITE members is comprised of the top 20 contributors based on total visits, views, likes, comments and popularity of the blogs, forum, video, images and other content they have contributed to the dealerELITE network.  This list changes daily because it is based on the prior 7 day window of time.  Please be sure to thank these high value contributors to the best of the best... The dealerELITE network!

Top Members 

1 Herb Mast

Herb Mast

Lincoln, NE, United States

2 Steve Southin

Steve Southin

Toronto, ON, Canada

3 Kyle Disher

Kyle Disher

Saint Petersburg, FL, United States

4 Chip King

Chip King

Lutherville Timonium, MD, United States

5 Dane Saville

Dane Saville

Raleigh, NC, United States

6 Damian Boudreaux

Damian Boudreaux

Austin, TX, United States

7 DealerELITE


Chapel Hill, NC, United States

8 John Sternal

John Sternal

Boca Raton, FL, United States

9 Laurie Halter

Laurie Halter

Bend, OR, United States

10 Crystal Hartwell

Crystal Hartwell

Garden Grove, CA, United States

11 Ian Parker

Ian Parker

Brisbane QLD, Australia

12 Jim Leman

Jim Leman

Grayslake, IL, United States

13 Jim Flint

Jim Flint

Houston, TX, United States

14 Mark Gibson

Mark Gibson

Austin, TX, United States

15 Sean Reyes

Sean Reyes

Laguna Hills, CA, United States

16 Daniel Van Dyke

Daniel Van Dyke

Newberg, OR, United States

17 Bill Wittenmyer

Bill Wittenmyer

Clinton, WA, United States

18 Timmy D. James

Timmy D. James

Ankeny, IA, United States

19 Cynthia Madison

Cynthia Madison

New York, NY, United States

20 Ujj Nath

Ujj Nath

Signal Hill, CA, United States

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