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Menu, Schmenu

A few months ago I asked a shop owner and master technician to review an article for our website content product.  The topic was “Deciphering the Menu Board”.  The idea of the article is that there are many items on a menu board, and not all of them are familiar to all consumers.  “What’s involved with a transmission service?”  “Do I have a differential?”  The article gives…


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Doing Well While Doing Good

Today, while you read this, a 14-year old boy is lying on his bed in the cancer ward of a children’s hospital, struggling to breathe after vomiting for the umpteenth time this morning; his throat, mouth and lips burning with ulcers from the chemo.  Today he’ll be humbled a dozen times as his father and nurses change his clothes and bedding because he’s too weak to get up to…


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Spare a Little Change?

Automotive service and repair is a $215 billion a year industry.  Change is either an obstacle or an accelerant to getting your fair share.  Or rather, your response to change is the determining factor.  Change at the local level as well as global shifts may be out of your control, but you can respond and adapt.

Lay of the Land



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Why People Don’t Like You – Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about how customer’s perceptions on Price, Completeness of the Repair, and Meeting Time Expectations leads to customer dissatisfaction, according to a recent Consumer Reports Annual Auto Survey.  Here, we’ll finish up the Top 5…


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