Quit Bouncing All Over the Place: KYB Effects a Paradigm Shift on Selling Shocks & Struts

Image converted using ifftoanyKYB Americas Corp. recently received an award for their re-launched website.  The Best Website Presentation of a Product Line for Import Cars or Trucks award was presented by the Auto International Association (AIA), a segment of the Auto Care Association, at the 2014 AAPEX show.

This great news is on the AutoNetTV blog for two reasons:

  1. The mission of the new website (http://www.kyb.com/) is to change the paradigm of how consumers view – and how professionals should evaluate and present – shock and strut replacement
  2. AutoNetTV Production Services helped a bit and we’re proud of our contributions

Let me illustrate the significance of this paradigm shift with a story.  One of our executives had a family vehicle in for some service.  He took the car into an independent service center that has a great reputation.  I’ve personally had a repair done there and have recommended them a dozen times.  It’s truly a top shop.

My colleague was taking very good care of this car because it was destined to become his oldest son’s vehicle when he turned 16, a role it’s now fulfilling.  The car had about 120,000 miles on it and he asked if it was time to replace the struts.  The technician bounced the car a bit and looked at the struts.  The verdict: “Struts cost a lot.  They aren’t leaking or broken, so you don’t need to replace them.”

Again, this shop is awesome at complicated diagnosis and can handle any repair you can throw at them.  But the technician’s perspective on the role shocks and struts play in ride control was very limited and old fashioned.  It is this just this kind of entrenched thinking that the KYB website is seeking to revolutionize.  Yes, it is a message for consumers, but KYB recognizes that the agents of change are the automotive professionals.

The KYB website has an extensive Knowledge Center and Support sections for the pros.  They make extensive use of video and 3D animation to teach how body control and tire control equal ride control.  Once a professional gets the visual of how these elements of control degrade as the miles roll by, he or she can see that the question of shock/strut replacement is not one of failure but rather restoring the vehicle’s designed performance and handling.  Comfort, ride, handling and performance are all key factors in the motorist’s vehicle purchase decision: they should be key considerations in its maintenance as well.

Additionally, some consumers are looking to improve their vehicle’s performance, ride comfort, or load capacity.  The question that should be presented to consumers regarding their shocks and struts is “Restore or More”.  Unfortunately, too often this question is never asked.

The new KYB website and the Certified Ride Control Center Kit are loaded with visual content that the service advisor can use to inform and motivate motorists in their ride control decisions.

The award-winning website is a reflection of KYB’s commitment to providing professionals with all they need to incorporate a serious ride control business into their operation.  Visit KYB.com and see for yourself.  By the way, AutoNetTV produced the “Tell me more about . . . “ video series featured on the home page and created many of the 3D images and animations included in the KYB Digital Media Library (download the full brochure here).

Congratulations KYB!

Mac McGovern & Kyle Freund Receive Award for KYB Website

Lance Boldt if VP of Production Development for AutoNetTV Media, Inc.

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