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Quit Bouncing All Over the Place: KYB Effects a Paradigm Shift on Selling Shocks & Struts

Image converted using ifftoany KYB Americas Corp. recently received an award for their re-launched website.  The Best Website Presentation of a Product Line for Import Cars or Trucks award was presented by the Auto International Association (AIA), a segment of the Auto Care Association, at the 2014 AAPEX show.

This great news is on the AutoNetTV blog for two…


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AutoNetTV Celebrates Its 100th Episode: Uncounted Lives Saved

August 2014 marks AutoNetTV’s 100th episode.  For eight and a third years, customers in various auto care facilities have been entertained while they learn how to save money with timely car care while enjoying better vehicle performance and increased safety.

Just how much money have the millions of AutoNetTV viewers saved?  Well, it’s…


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Do You Sell Value?

I do a lot of work with our sales people at AutoNetTV. One of the recurring statements/themes in our coachings and trainings is, “Did you focus on the value?” One of the analogies we like to use is; you walk into my office and I hold up a pair of scissors. I ask, “Do you want to buy these for $2 dollars?” Typically the response is, “No, I don’t need scissors and if I did I…


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Good Old Days and a Gold Corvair

While driving in my car the other day, I found myself scanning through my XM radio stations looking for something worth listening to. I landed on a station that was totally dedicated to the 1960’s music. (By Dennis Emery, CFO, AutoNetTV Media, Inc.) As I heard these old familiar songs my mind took me back to those “good old days” of high school.…


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Effective Cross-Selling in the Dealership

Vehicles are more reliable as recommended service intervals continue to grow.  This hits every area of the dealership making cross-selling among departments essential to sustaining and growing profits.  Click the link to learn how some of the best dealerships are supercharging their cross-selling efforts with a powerful, always-on technology platform.



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Naked Pages: Why You Need Service Videos on Your Website

Some marketers refer to webpages without video content as “naked pages”.  These pages are exposed and less effective than they could be.  Why?  We have an expectation of interaction with the world around us.  When we are online in the virtual world, video is one of the most powerful ways to interact.

Video captures the imagination, adds an emotional element and…


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Collision Centers Bump Up Their Image

AutoNetTV debuted collision center-specific content for its digital display platforms at the 2013 NACE show. 

This content is viewed by consumers as they wait for their estimate to be completed or on the collision center’s website and is designed to address the question “What should your potential customer know when you return to discuss their estimate?”…


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Making It Last

By Robert Cannon, President and CEO of AutoNetTV

Fall is such a great time of year. Football.  Leaves change colors - and the temperature is so pleasant. People walk around with smiles; it’s great to be alive.

 While on vacation a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were walking up a hill. We were holding hands, smiling and looking at the ocean.  All of a sudden…


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How Much Do You Value Me? Let Me Count the Minutes!

By Sean Whiffen, V.P. Strategy, Technology & Content 

Waiting in line … This common experience conjures thoughts and feelings in every one of us - from the DMV to the grocery store. It’s part of life, and we each have our way of dealing with the experience. I generally view it as an obstacle course to successfully maneuver, like finding an opening on a race track.…


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The Curious Case of Wife’s Uncertainty

By Jon Ellsworth

About 2 months ago, my wife’s car’s odometer finished its slow crawl to the 30,000 mile mark. Her oil change place, looking to capitalize on preventive maintenance, brought the milestone to her attention and provided her with a list of services that “should” be done at 30,000 miles. The total? $1,250 dollars!

Lucky for me, she…


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6 Elements of Success in the Service Department

There are 6 elements to success in the service department, all centering around the interface between you and your customer:  Experience, Service, Interaction, Sales, Content, and Marketing.  While each of these key elements has a part at every stop along the customer’s journey through the service department, they each, in turn, play a leading role in a particular…


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The Real Superheroes

By Brandon Storrs, Director of Visual Communications & Production, AutoNetTV Media, Inc.


I love to ride bikes.  My co-workers often have the pleasure of seeing me ride into work dressed like a “superhero” in my spandex and sunglasses.  “It’s all about wind resistance…


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Makin’ a List & Checkin’ It Twice

By Kim Curtis, Corporate Accountant, AutoNetTV Media, Inc.

I can honestly say I am not a specialist when it comes to understanding automobiles.  I am not sure what the names of parts are that are underneath my hood.  I am not sure what they do exactly.  Thank goodness for mechanics!   

When I was younger, if a mechanic told me I had something wrong with my car…


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Why Your Customers Leave

Think you know best? If your customers don't agree they'll leave. Convenience, Amenities & Information keep them close. Find out more in our article in the May-June Fixed Ops Magazine – page 20!…


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Upgrading Your Wife . . . ‘s Car

by Bobby Cannon

About a year ago my wife’s ‘93 sedan, with its 150K miles, faded gold paint, and malfunctioning engine, was finally laid to rest.  For some reason, she shed no tears on behalf of the only car she had ever driven.  While I mourned the loss of our “family member” she was already shopping for a new vehicle.  A new SUV was looming in the near…


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Digital Signage Expansion in the Automotive Industry

April 2013, American Fork, Utah – Even as technology under the hood and in the shop has taken huge strides in recent years, so has technology in front of the counter.  AutoNetTVTM Media, Inc., producer of award-winning automotive service and repair content and cutting edge content delivery systems, reports its best sales quarter in the company’s history. 

The Utah based company had 742 product installations in the first quarter of 2013.  Bobby…


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The Underwear Motorcycle Gang

by Sean Whiffen

Remembering the thrill of being a kid will help you find better ways to establish rapport and provide tools that connect your services with your customers.

Few things are better than the rush of the wind against your bare skin as you cruise in nothing but underwear and socks.  Or so we imagined as we ran around the…


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What You Wish They Knew

Your business depends on your prospects and customers knowing what you wish they already knew.  What is the best way to convey that knowledge during your best opportunities?  Go to our article in the March – April edition of Fixed Ops Magazine for some very effective suggestions.  See you on page 44.…


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By Robert Cannon When I was young my father bought a Ford Galaxie Sunliner. Bright red and a convertible to boot. I loved how it looked and I also loved how fast it was. My father was a dentist and …

By Robert Cannon

When I was young my father bought a Ford Galaxie Sunliner. Bright red and a convertible to boot. I loved how it looked and I also loved how fast it was. My father was a dentist and so the only tools around our house were for probing and poking inside the mouth and not the engine of a car.

I did not learn about the inside of the car…


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Raising Golden Eggs

I was just two months shy of my 16th birthday when I found myself hanging from a balcony 20 feet off the ground with a half dozen strangers below holding a fireman’s net yelling for me to jump.  I leaned back, closed my eyes and let go.

Now I wasn’t jumping for my life, it was the opening event of a “Father and Teens Wilderness Experience” put on by Brigham…


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