By Robert Cannon, President and CEO of AutoNetTV

Fall is such a great time of year. Football.  Leaves change colors - and the temperature is so pleasant. People walk around with smiles; it’s great to be alive.

 While on vacation a couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were walking up a hill. We were holding hands, smiling and looking at the ocean.  All of a sudden a car starts making a loud noise going up this busy hill. I turn and look. Coming from under the hood is smoke and the car is slowing down. My smile is gone and I start thinking of what is wrong with the car. The car comes to a stop and a line of frustrated drivers are stalled, and waiting for him to get out of the way. I felt so sorry for the driver. Obviously, he did not intend to have this disrupt his day, but, there he was; stuck, with a broken down car.

At a meeting with some tire dealers, I was setting up my presentation and three of the store owners were talking about their cars. The mileages of their vehicles ranged from 180,000 to 225,000 miles. I stopped my set-up and asked what “special” things they do to get such longevity from their engines. The response was very simple; “I change my fluids and parts on a regular basis”. Nothing out of the ordinary was mentioned; just the services that should be performed.

I believe that many vehicle owners want to take care of their vehicle and would do so if they knew their car was in need of service. With a reminder of the recommended service and a video explaining the reason for the service, many of the cars stalling on hills would be eliminated. Taking the time to send a message, by whatever social media or in-store video presentation you use, alerting your customers will make their lives easier and you will feel good knowing you have helped your customers.

  AutoNetTV’s digital signage products deliver entertaining and educational TV programming to the lobbies of automotive service and repair businesses as well as digital menu boards and automotive website video content.     

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