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Only You Can Prevent Preventive Maintenance

OK – you don’t TRY to prevent preventive maintenance, but occasionally you may get in the way.  An illustrative story first: on July 3 someone poked their head in the door of our management meeting and told me my wife called and said that the mountain behind our house was on fire.  That was about 3 o’clock.  I was home 20 minutes later.  The fire had started around 2:15 at a…


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AutoNetTV Launches Digital Menu Board

American Fork, Utah – July 2012  AutoNetTV announces its new Digital Menu Board for application in all segments of the automotive service and repair industry.

Digital Menu Boards are replacing standard menu boards in many industries and are valued for their ability to display menu items in a visually appealing manner.  Digital menu board applications are demonstrated to lift sales, enhance the professional image of the business and reduce clutter…


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Home of the Brave

When my Dad was about the age of my youngest, he was homeless, walking down the middle of a city street, the buildings on both sides burning so fiercely that the asphalt was melted, sticking to his shoes and those of his parents and younger brothers.  Bodies were piled on the sides of the road like stacks of firewood.  The day before had been Hitler’s birthday and the…


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