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Change No to Yes!

I don’t think I've ever met someone who says they immediately say “Yes” to all their service advisors’ recommendations.  I've definitely talked with some who always say “No”.  Most of us listen and make a decision.  It’s how we come to those responses and decisions that’s so very interesting.

It’s been said that we all make decisions emotionally and then use logic to…


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My Momma Lied to Me

19 years old, walking down Huron Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2,100 miles from home, I watched the wad of chewing gum I had just spit out arc into the street; and realized that my momma had lied to me.  As a littler shaver she told me toalways spit my gum into the street to “strengthen the tires of the cars that run over it”.  For well over a decade I…


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Throw in a Bag of Doritos and You’ve Got a Deal

When our oldest son was about three, my wife and I told him we would paint his room any color he wanted.  His top two choices were a medium blue and yellow.  Not just any yellow, but yellow like Play-Doh yellow.  He settled on the yellow.  Frankly, I couldn’t imagine that any of us would want to live with that color for too long and that I would end up repainting soon.  So I…


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Blonde with 9 Inch Spikes

It’s not what you think . . . this is about customer retention.  My mom was recently telling my kids that my kindergarten teacher expressed concern about me because I was always playing with the girls.  Here's my side of the story.  There were two distinct play areas in the kindergarten room: the boys’ side and the girls’ side.  Boys had cars and planes and blocks and tools…


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