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Training New Hires - It's Not About Money, It's About Being a Decent Human Being

Years ago someone shared with me that old maxim "you gotta throw some spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks".  So it seems that if one flings pasta at the wall, a fully cooked noodle will stick, one that has not finished cooking will not. Somewhere in time a little boy or girl watched grandma do this, connected this imagery to the trying new ideas and suddenly a clever new boardroom analogy was born!…


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Personalized Video - Getting Over Yourself To Get Through To Your Customers

If you have ever watched a TV show of video bloopers, been on Reddit, have friends or relatives that include you in the address bar of every funny viral email they send, or have surfed YouTube for blooper videos, then you probably have seen Bill…


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I'm Sorry, Was That Your URL?

Love him politically or hate him, Donald Trump's strategy cannot be labelled "timid".  Recently the news included a story that Jeb Bush had failed to renew or claim  Though the page was blank and, thus, no cause for concern, it now redirects to…


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When Will the CRM Evolve?

Many, many moons ago I was a brand new agent at the Western Southern Life Insurance Agency.  I was given a debit book (book of customers whose premiums were collected by the agent), piles of marketing material, business cards, and a cool little desk that opened like the ones I had in elementary school.  I was also given a stack of 3x5 index cards with pre-printed fields on them complete with a metal box whose dividers allowed you to file the cards according to who was to be called throughout…


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Texting Customers - Who Controls the Conversation?

The latest craze to have hit automotive sales where customer engagement is concerned has been texting.  You can scarcely scan any industry blog/newsletter headlines or attend any best practices seminar without the writer or speaker reminding you that everyone is texting these days and therefore you must text your customers.…


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"Just Looking"...even managers have defense mechanisms

Two years ago while looking for a new digital marketing home I penned this blog post based on my observations visiting prospective employers.  Though I am happily nestled in a progressive and healthy wonderland right now, I find the points that I raise still very relevant in today's automotive digital marketing world:

Any good salesperson knows that the last way you want to greet a customer is with the words,…


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ATTENTION CARS.COM CUSTOMERS: If you received an email asking you to update your account credentials it has all the marks of a "phishing" scam. (For you neophytes that is when a fake site is published that looks real but is only there to steal your logins and passwords.) I would avoid logging into any dealer portal sites without checking with support first. It will ultimately be less of a headache than having your dealer account temporarily compromised.

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Like Pope Francis, Executives should try ordinary confessors.

Once again Pope Francis is in the news "shocking the world" by actually living the Gospel.  In today's blockbuster, Pope Francis broke from the tradition of the Holy Father having a specific, carefully chosen confessor to walking up to "an ordinary priest" in St. Peter's to make his confession.  I marvel that this should be news at all.  After all, the…


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Oh Magoo, You've Done It Again!

Oh Magoo, you've done it again!

Who can…


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I'm in my own little world, but it's OK, they know me here.

My eldest son showed up with a tee shirt to this effect one day:

 I loved the…


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Existential Internet marketing? My story

For some time now I have chided myself for not chronicling the random and not so random thought that courses through my brain on a daily basis.  A child of the "teach English by forced journaling" era, perhaps I believe that every thought must be put to print lest you deprive the future of your all importance consciousness.  Or perhaps, like everyone else in our current narcissistic culture I believe that my thoughts and ideas have meaning beyond the confines…


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