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Sex appeal still sells, but not in the way you’d think

Sure, you’ll still see female models next to this year’s new vehicles at the car show, and I really think that’s because most dealers are used to it. On the showroom floor, though, males still make up a larger percentage of salespeople.  Working with clients is now very much a business transaction, and engaging and respectfulness are absolute musts no matter who you’re…


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When the Exceptions Overtake the Rules of Your Showroom

The term showroom control has been around for years, and it exists for good reason. If you take a busy Saturday when deals are happening left and right, it’s easy to lose control and start making exceptions, and as a result, mistakes. …

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Camaraderie is critical but leadership is indispensable.

Find the sweet spot between the two to make your dealership as profitable as possible, and retain/cultivate the best sales talent.…


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High Maintenance Talent vs Low Maintenance Sales Teams

Too often, dealers think they have to deal with a high-maintenance employee just because they can produce.  The reality is most successful dealerships aren't successful because of high-maintenance talent, rather in spite of it. In the long run, it may pay to cultivate salespeople with impeccable ethics and…

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Presidential election provides insights to more effective car selling

Technology Alone Isn't the Holy Grail

Donald Trump’s election proves that state-of-the-art technology, by itself, doesn’t provide all the correct answers. Based on the vote totals, the highly sophisticated, technology-driven polls missed the mark. In that same vein, relying on technology alone to sell cars isn’t the holy grail that some make it out to be.…

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Finding the Time to Make More Deals

So, you’re operating a profitable dealership, and everything should be rolling right along and running smoothly, right?…


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Sales Basics That Never Go Out Of Style

I was fortunate enough to work in a top-100 new car dealership from the very first day of green-pea training.  I was a salesperson, sales manager, team leader, desk man, and department head. Whatever you wanted to call me this month, I didn't care. But I did care, and care deeply, about two objectives—hitting forecast, and building a team that could do it every month.…

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Prepare Yourself to Make a Deal

Are you ready to make a deal today? Grab your coffee, grab your Gameplan, and get rolling.
Here are three simple things you can do today to make sure that you're prepared when an UP walks onto the lot: 

Walk your inventory.

Start your day with a walk around the lot to see what inventory is available and where specific vehicles are located. Do any units need attention? Are they dirty and need a…


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ARe You Listening

The auto industry is currently pacing to sell over 16 million vehicles this year. Americans are buying cars and trucks at a very healthy pace. Traffic is flowing in the doors and things are returning to their pre-recession figures (at most dealerships). Those who have been in the business long enough know that markets change. Demand - and therefore customer traffic - goes up and down. …

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Grab Your Coffee Lead Your Team

Managers, take 15 minutes this morning to start your team off on the right foot.

  • Huddle up with your sales team.
  • Ask to see each person's Gameplan planner.
  • Transfer their appointments into your Coach's Playbookplanner.
  • Post the appointments on the Monthly Tracker, so everyone can reference it.

Now make the day efficient and effective.

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Grab Your Coffee Grab Your Prospects

Start Your Day Off Right -

Effective salespeople begin their day with a few simple but highly effective steps.

First step grab your coffee. Wake up and be ready for a great day.

Step two grab your prospects - either from your Daily Gameplan, CRM call list, or up log.

Step three plan the day as to who is the hottest prospect.

Step four get with your manager and team up to make a deal today.

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Streamline Your Sales Process

Streamline Your Sales Process

To sell smarter you need to eliminate all those things that waste your and your customer's  time. How can you work more efficiently? Try steering clear of these time-wasters:

Dealing with people who can't make the buying decision.

You should treat everyone with the same professional respect. However, find out early if this person is the decision maker. Don't be afraid to ask who the…


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Playing Seasonal Defense

Winter can be a challenging time for salespeople in the automotive industry. It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season and lose focus on selling. Instead of losing productivity to lighter floor traffic and more distractions, it’s time to play Season Defense. The best sales teams use this time to circle their wagons, refocus on the basics, and keep improving.

Sharpen the saw

Take extra down time to educate yourself on new products, competition, and…


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Get Out of Your Sales Slump

There isn't a salesperson alive who hasn't experienced a slump. If you find yourself coasting downhill, here are four steps to follow to pick yourself back up:

  •     Call on your satisfied customers.

Look for additional ways to satisfy their needs or new needs you can meet. Learn about their new problems and challenges, and come back to them with fresh solutions.

  •     Concentrate on bread-and-butter…

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Closing Like a Professional

Closing a sale is a culmination of a sequence of events that lead up to the customer saying “Yes, I would like to buy that car.” A professional salesperson has many tools at his or her disposal to help move a prospect through the buying process. Below are a few power tips that you may want to keep in your toolbox to help you close more deals.

Learn To Listen

Salespeople who do all the talking during a…


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Understanding Your Customer

Giving your customers what they want is the most basic principle of selling. Still, everybody at one time or another has dealt with a salesperson who simply didn't listen to their needs. Taking time to truly understand the customer will not only help you close the deal today, it'll keep them coming back in the future.

Sell Benefits, Not Features

The biggest mistake salespeople make is in focusing on what their product or service is. Rather, it's what it does…


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Power Tips - How to be Unstoppable

Whether you're selling paper clips or cars, the most successful salespeople share the same qualities. Here are some of the things that separate the best from the rest:

Believe In Yourself

Unstoppable salespeople filter out negative thoughts and the advice of those who dwell on why it can't be done. They rely on their own inner voice and belief systems to carry them through any obstacles. They truly believe there's nothing…


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Don't Get Complacent

As a manager, you face many different threats in today’s economy - shrinking budgets, slowed consumer spending, loss of key staff, etc. But one of the biggest threats to your dealership that can often get overlooked is complacency. Complacency can come in many forms and at many levels of an organization, but it all leads to the same thing: decreased production, lack of accountability, and reduced revenues.It can be felt on the front lines of the dealership with your sales team. Salespeople…

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What Makes Your Salespeople Tick

As a dealer, you spend a lot of time thinking about your customers. How can you bring them into the store, provide a great sales experience, and hold onto them long-term? These questions are very important, but not just for your customers. Shouldn't you be asking them about your employees too?



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Don't Bring Me Down

When customers walk into your store, they feel the culture you've established - whether it's warm and inviting or hostile and off-putting. For better or worse, every interaction that customers have with their salespeople will make or break your dealership's reputation. What type of environment are you fostering?…


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