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Used Car Profit Occurs When Buying, Not Selling

From a logical sense you would think that profit is made when selling a used car, but reality is that profit occurs when buying them. This is because profit isn't about each individual vehicle sale, but about your strategy and process as a whole. How you buy used vehicles, and why, is more important that how you sell them.

I published a post recently called Ideas for Enhancing Your Used Vehicle Acquisition Strategy that references…


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How to Suck at Social Media

We've all seen them. The market is been flooded with it. "How to succeed with Social Media," Top 10 Facebook Tips and Tricks," "Best Practices on Twitter." Don't get me wrong, the information is very useful and appreciated, but there is one problem... it's all the same information over and over again.

In the spirit of something new, the exact opposite…


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How Often Should I Post to My Dealership Blog?

One question I hear more often than others is, “How often should I post to my blog?” But to answer this question there are so many other related factors to consider it will take you burrowing down a deep rabbit h*** of other similar topics, such as:

  1. Why would a car dealer want to blog?
  2. What is blogging and how is it different from…

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Blogging: You can't expect results if you treat it like a third wheel

A few years ago when the idea of blogging for car dealers was a taboo subject, blogging itself was just becoming more widely accepted as a legitimate business tool. Today, business blogging is almost a must-do, like having a… Continue

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Paper.li makes it easy for micro-bloggers to create online dailies

You may have noticed that some of the power-bloggers you follow are coming out with dailies. This is due to a new site called Paper.li. A few examples I can cite include, The Eric Miltsch Daily, The Automotive SEO Daily, The Automotive Social Media Daily.…


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