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Digital Dealer TV Options from the Digital Dealership System

The Digital Dealership System offers a variety of ways to control the content on the TV in your lounge and throughout the dealership, all fully licensed and easy to use. We understand that each car dealership has different needs, with the most important one -- keeping your brand in front of your customers throughout their stay.


Adding to the variety of services that are offered, including Digital Signage, Internet Cafe Signage, Tablets and Kiosks, the TV Options in the car…


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digital dealership system tv warren henry


MIAMI, FL (June 20, 2013) – Warren Henry Auto Group ( is pleased to announce the selection of the Digital Dealership System ( to…


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Don't Throw your Money Away

Don't Throw your Money Away

Consumer vs. Commercial TVs

Are you struggling to find the right TV for your dealership?

Are vendors telling you that commercial TV's are necessary?

Let's cut through the BS and understand the different and allow you to make the proper decisions for your store and budget.

About 10 years ago, the only way to get a high definition picture was to use Commercial Grade TVs. These TVs were used in single…


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Strategic program strengthens The Digital Dealership Systems’ product selection for Automotive Dealers.

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CA (April 15, 2013) –- The Digital Dealership System today announced the program with EVOX IMAGES®, the largest automotive image library in the industry producing powerful imagery for over 2,000 cars per model year.

The Digital Dealership System…


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More Power, Better Performance, Less Cost

Hardware Advances: Smaller Size, More Power

Smaller Size, More Power

This month the hardware side of the Digital Dealership System made some moves. Maybe they were jealous of the Custom Scene Creator or content deals made by the other departments or maybe it was just the right time and the availability of products. And with the new products, come a reduction in cost to the customer and an increase in power and support. That's not an easy combination.

The standard media…


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Content is Still King: Signage provider inks exclusive Multi-Year Deal

NADA (Orlando, Florida) – Digital Dealership System Inc., a Florida-based digital signage provider of customized in-store marketing for auto dealerships, today announced a $5 million, multi-year exclusive agreement with DemoCoach Products Inc. to supply DDS with new vehicle video and editorial content for its customers through DDS signage products.…


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Attention Nissan Dealers

Attention Nissan Dealers

Nissan is rolling out a digital signage package for it's dealerships and the articles insinuate that it is mandatory for stores at a certain level of production. The cost of the system is $6500 for the first year on a three year agreement. For this price, you get a TV and a digital menu board that simply shows a menu and not much else. 

If you want additional systems, you can add more -- at the same price -- with the additional systems…


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What Should a Customer Do?

The customer / vendor relationship is an important one. Customers rely on vendors for different aspects of their business that affect their bottom line, in one way of another. Vendors rely on customers for income — and a bad experience can lead to a drop off in current and future business.

Following up on the last blog "Who's Fault is it?" this article, I will recommend 10 things that a customer must do to preserve the value of a relationship with the Vendor. And since relationships…


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Who's Fault is it?


"We'd like to cancel our agreement because your stuff doesn't work! It doesn't do half of the stuff that we need and we don't get any support from you."


"I'm sorry to hear this from you. I understand all the things that you are trying to do, and we do all that and much more. In fact, our records indicate that we have reached out to…


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Your Customer's Final Send-Off

You have a customer to come in and pick up their brand new car today.

You are excited because you have a scheduled delivery.

You brag about it and come in on your off day.

The car is shined and ready to go.

The customer shows up on time.

And then it starts to rain.

Another car parks in front of them, delaying their exit.

And now their lasting impression isn't 100%…


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What can you learn from Microsoft and Google?

What can you learn from Microsoft and Google?

Two weeks ago, Microsoft gave the middle finger to their partners - not once, but twice. What can you say -- they used both hands.

Meanwhile, Google did the exact opposite, embracing their partners and letting them feel comfortable with the future working with the company.

I guess Google's motto of "Don't be evil" is back in play.



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FB: The New Ad Network

FB: The New Ad Network

This could be scary -- or it could be a new amazing new advertising platform.

Facebook is working with Zynga to place ads on Zynga's new web-gaming platform. The advertisements are based on your Facebook history, not cookies or searching history -- but a cross section of everything you do on the web and Facebook.

For a little back-story, Zynga started out on the…


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Lessons from Microsoft: FAIL!

Microsoft Still Doesn't Get "It"ms logo

Coming off of WWDC (LINK) - the Apple developers' convention - as well as recent news about updated Chromebooks and Chrome Only "desktops" (LINK)-- I find it hard to notice that the spotlight on Apple…


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Zuck Gets Fancy. So Should You.

Zuck gets Fancy - PIN THIS!

When Zuckerberg acts, rumors and a mass of people follow.

Recently Zuckerberg "liked" a post on Facebook and the comment went from less then 20 to 20,000 in a matter of minutes. It was a random comment, but the point is that people follow Mark.

the fancy So, when Mark recently joined Fancy (, people started asking - what's so Fancy? (…


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facebook Can't Hear You!

facebook Can't Hear You

How many "likes" do you have?

Are you bragging about it?

What does a "like" mean?

While all these optimization companies and consultants talk about likes and the power of facebook, a "like" merely means that someone saw your page or your ad and hit, "like" . That's IT.

What does a "like" NOT mean?

That someone actually has any clue what your…


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GM - Super-Less Bowl

GM - Super-less-Bowl


GM is at it again. A week after cutting the $12M budget for Facebook, they announce that they will not be advertising in the next Super Bowl. (LINK)


Confusion continues to the goal of marketing and branding…


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“Oops, forgot about K.I.S.S.” says Android

A recent report states that are close to 4000 different hardware devices using the Android operating system. (link)

Another report says that Android now has 59% of the mobile market. (…


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GM is being Naive

GM recently pulled its $12M advertising campaign from Facebook because it was not effective.


My question -- effective at what?

Let's give the multi-billion dollar company (GM, not Facebook) the benefit of the doubt and say that they may be pulling back the reigns in…


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7 Tech decisions that make you Say HMMM!

When you read a lot you come across a wide range of articles and information that raises an eyebrow and makes you say "hmmmmm".

Queue the music video

This is a short list of 7 Decisions made by Technology companies that make me say "Hmmmm." There will be more, and feel free to add your own. As a note, these are not in order of importance, and while the actual numbers or dates may be off -- the points are still the same. I'm blogging, not submitting a…


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Choosing the Right Screen: Part 2 in the Series


Choosing the Right Screen: Part 2 in the Series

Whether it's a new dealership, adding screens or finally updating that tube TV -- the choices of TV's in the market place is large and the same size TV can range in price by as much as tenfold. The only way to determine which TV is best for you is to narrow down the choices and then look at your budget.

When considering a screen for a professional…


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