Digital Dealer TV Options from the Digital Dealership System

The Digital Dealership System offers a variety of ways to control the content on the TV in your lounge and throughout the dealership, all fully licensed and easy to use. We understand that each car dealership has different needs, with the most important one -- keeping your brand in front of your customers throughout their stay.


Adding to the variety of services that are offered, including Digital Signage, Internet Cafe Signage, Tablets and Kiosks, the TV Options in the car dealer lounge, offer customization options that meet the need over every dealership.


The following is a brief overview of the options available for car dealerships through lounge TV programming.


Option 1:
Wrap Standard Broadcast TV


Surrounding broadcast TV with dealership branding and information, provides an information resource that keeps the dealership front and center while allowing customers to access any channel, just like the comfort of their own home. While advertising is shown, dealerships have the opportunity to show their own messaging. The system can easily be integrated to show appointment status from XTIME, ADP, and Time Highway.

car dealership lounge tv

Option 2:
Create your own Dealer Channel - providing a commercial free alternative


commercial free


By combining the following options, car dealerships can easily create their own commercial free tv channels customized for the dealership and customers.


  • YouTube Videos - Automatically pull almost any video from YouTube using the Digital Dealership System custom application. TV Shows and Clips from NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, History, Discovery and more provide unlimited resource of content for dealer store TV. Randomly configure the system along with Dealer Commercials, Vehicle Spotlight Videos and Walk-Arounds to sell to customers in the lounge. You can even add 'Cats playing Piano' if you wanted.


  • MRSS Feeds - media RSS feeds are similar to video Podcasts that can be added to the system from a variety of sources. Over 30 sources are pre-built into the system and more then 1000 are available online. With unlimited opportunities to provide dynamic content, the MediaRSS feeds enhance the signage platform bringing fresh content to the screen.


  • Associated Press - as a premium package, the Digital Dealership System offers fully licensed AP Content such as Celebrity News, Sports News, Daily News and more. Updated several times a week, this content is fresh and contains up to 50 new stories a week.


  • Uploaded Content - upload auto videos, dealer commercials, and more directly into the system. With tons of preloaded content including service videos, MOC and BG Product Videos, as well as LoJack videos, there are plenty of opportunities to create compelling and informative TV for the auto dealership.




Option 3:
Commercial Skipping Broadcast TV

Imagine being able to keep your Broadcast TV with today's news, programs and sports but whenever a commercial break came, the dealer commercial played instead. With the Digital Dealership System commercial skipping technology, this is possible. The process is simple and can be run through the entire screen or wrapped with additional marketing messages. Commercial Free TV creates the perfect balance of broadcast TV without the distraction of competitors commercials.

The Digital Dealership System is available to create a custom application and TV quality content for your screen. We have partnered with today's leading automotive videographers that can come to your store to create automotive focused content for your specific dealership. Service Videos, Tours, Staff Interviews, and Welcome Messages can enhance digital signage and provide a unique customer experience in the auto dealership.

Contact us today to learn more about Auto Dealer TV Options and cutting the cord.
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