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Customer Experience Components!

In order to create brand loyalty and customer evangelists, you must consistently evaluate your dealership's customer service across each category.

1-Physical: This deals with the brick and mortar component of your operation , that are physical elements,that are long term and cannot be changed daily

2-Setting: Refers to the controllable setting you create everyday. As Disney…


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The 10 Commandments Of Building Buisness Relationships pt #1

Just as successfully building one's dream house requires an architecht to create a blueprint, envisioning a relationship  in it's final form is crucial  in building it successfully. The same holds true  with a strategic buisness relationship.                                                       



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Service With A Smile !

Are your customers being served? "It only takes one minute , there are sixty seconds in it, Forced upon me, can't refuse it. Didn't seek it , didn't choose it.But it's up to me to use it, I must suffer if I lose it. Give account if I abuse it .Just a tiny little minute ,But an eternity is in it" . 

  The Key to Outstanding Customer…


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Leadership in the Nutshell PT #2

Do the "RIGHT THING".. You can make mistakes and be forgiven,but dishonesty lingers in people's memories forever.It's much easier to keep your reputation than rebuild it. Nothing will turn people against you more than being percieved as dishonest.People forgive for making mistakes.In LINCOLN ON LEADERSHIP , Author Donald Phillips…


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Leadership In A Nutshell Part1 of 5

Leadership, There are so may ways to define it  , however narrowing them down to the most important aspects  strarts  with   Having A Concrete Vision...Be direct- People must understand what your vision is and that they are being asked to be a huge part of it. Change is coming, and they will either be on the bus or at the  Bus Stop.  Get people…


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Develop Interest So Customers Hear You

There are a numerous amount of different sales processes available  and work well, I particularly like one entitiled "DELTA"  D- Develop prospective customers' interests so they will listen to your message. E- Engage customers' on a meaningful dialogue, L-Learn the prospects'  situation/problem /challenge. T-Tel your story after you clearly understand  that your product and services fit for their situation, problem or challenge A- Ask for a committment , when… Continue

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TrainingCamp- Get ready to "Succeed"

For me, training camp is everday 365 days a year, always was, always will be. You cannot  afford to miss the oppurtunity for self development. In Life it means getting yourself ready for what you want to do to find the success you're looking for Find and Focus, Identify your goals and then create the plan.When my day ends the first thing I do is review and then make a plan for the next day . Everyday I train I tell my class , that having the ability to precisely defone the goals  and create…


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Knowledge to Wisdom

Use a  "Vision Mapping Process" to establish a roadmap to achieve your dreams .The vision mapping process is a goal achieving process that will radically  increase your productivity and raise the level of your achievement in any endavor or area of life to which it is applied.Ther are five steps in a Vision Mapping Process. The first step is using an entryl journal, writing down a list of areas in your… Continue

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Automotive Digital Map

The proper  implementation of digital marketing is a step by step process that begins with the understanding of how the new digital marketing economy has changed consumer behavior. Dealers must  understand that consumers have at their disposal an enormous wealth of informaton that can be researched in a matter of minutes.Mobile devices and smart phones allow customers  to do comparative and location based product and… Continue

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