In order to create brand loyalty and customer evangelists, you must consistently evaluate your dealership's customer service across each category.

1-Physical: This deals with the brick and mortar component of your operation , that are physical elements,that are long term and cannot be changed daily

2-Setting: Refers to the controllable setting you create everyday. As Disney says

"Everything speaks from the doorknobs to the dining roomssends a mesage to the guest" The setting reveals the characteristics of your buisness as they appeal to all five senses of your customers.

3-Functional: Refers to the ease of doing business.Functionality has nothing to do with human interaction

4- Operational:Refers to team members that must execute behind the scenes before, during and after the customer experience.

5-Experiential:  Refers to the actions team members execute while interacting with the customer.Experiential actions are one of the main reasons why customers return, refer others and become brand evangelists

An example of physical excellence would be Disney Parks. Starbucks have mastered setting with the comfortable furniture  in their cafe's Functional excellence woud be Zappos and Nordstroms who have simplified returning merchandise Cleanliness is a great example of operational excellence When you consider customer experience it's an absolute must you be in your customers' shoes

              People don't remember what you said  as much as how you made them feel !!!  


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