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Does How You Perform Recon Matter?

In a robust used car market, does it matter whether you fully recondition cars before moving them to the front line?

Doesn’t it make sense to simply bypass a thorough reconditioning when you can sell very car you get at a premium without first providing a high-level recon? 

That's what a recent article in…


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New Workflow from Rapid Recon Provides Transparency into New-Car Operations

PALO ALTO, CA – MARCH 08, 2021Rapid Recon, a reconditioning software company that helps auto dealers sell used cars sooner to maximize their profitability window, announced today workflow transparency for dealers’ new-car operations. 

This new workflow for new-car operations is identical to the Rapid Recon reconditioning workflow software and processes for its used-car system. In both cases, inventory is auto-imported into…


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At Virtual NADA ’21, Step into 3D Rapid Recon from Wherever You Are

VIRTUAL NEW ORLEANS, January 27, 2021The Next Rapid Recon at NADA ’21 will deliver simplified online mobile and desktop access to the latest products, features, and best practices in new and used vehicle reconditioning and speed to sale solutions for dealers attending this uniquely different National…


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How Kings Toyota Improves Used Car Competitivness

Kenwood Dealer Group is 15 dealerships in the Cincinnati, Ohio market. Dan Kommeth joined in early 2020 to fill a newly created position, Group Sales Director, assigned to strengthen the stores’ competitive advantage.

Convinced that positive customer experiences begin well before a lead or walk-in arrives, Kommeth started his new assignment by investigating processes that flow into profitable car sales.…


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Tips and recommendations to help you improve parts and collision work efficiencies

In this podcast, former parts and collision center manager Anthony Greenhalgh offers a host of recommendations to help dealerships improve their workflow processes involving parts and collision work.

Parts and Collision Tips…


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Luther Hopkins Honda Shares Experiences with Free Vendor Scheduling and Tracking Tool

In this video, Gordy Peterson, inventory manager for Luther Hopkins Honda talks about how new vendor management tools help the dealership improve reconditioning efficiency to get vehicles to the frontline faster while tightening up the communication and relationships with their vendors.

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At Used Car Week 2020, Rapid Recon’s Curtis Sampson to Discuss ‘Game Film’ Analysis for Improving Reconditioning Department Performance Gains

PALO ALTO, CA, November 12, 2020 — At next week’s series of virtual on-demand workshops at Used Car Week’s Pre-Owned Con, Curtis Sampson, New Business Manager for Rapid Recon, will show dealers how to apply sports "Game Film" analysis techniques to used car reconditioning. 

His on-demand workshop, Film Time: the Best…


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The Next Rapid Recon Announces Vendor Advantage, a Free Feature Upgrade to Help Auto Dealers and their Vendors Achieve Faster Speed to Sale

PALO ALTO, CA, November 3, 2020 — The Next Rapid Recon, the time-to-line efficiency standard in dealership reconditioning software, has announced a robust new feature upgrade: Vendor Advantage.


Vendor Advantage is a no-charge enhancement to Rapid Recon time-to-line (T2L®) reconditioning workflow software for current and new Rapid Recon…


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Trust Your Judgment

By Bradley Orr


I started my career in the car business selling Oldsmobiles. Since then, I have managed used cars, reconditioning and sales — and I was also a wholesale dealer. I’d like to believe I know the business’s challenges.


One challenge every dealer faces is making prudent decisions — often quickly.




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The Next Rapid Recon Introduces Less Scrolling, Fewer Clicks For Performing Recon Tasks More Quickly and Conveniently

PALO ALTO, CA, October 23, 2020 – The Next Rapid Recon, the efficiency standard in reconditioning time-to-line workflow software,  announced today several efficiency and usability advances enhancing the user experience.


This User Interface (UI) advancement makes the Next Rapid Recon the most robust and advanced dealership software system for improving reconditioning time to line (T2L®), speed to sale and used car…


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Inventory is a Waste

by Dennis McGinn, Founder and CEO, Rapid  Recon - Source

Inventory is a waste if not managed for maximum speed to sale.

Said differently, how much does it…


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Two-Ingredient Recipe for Used Car Success

Used car profitability expert Jasen Rice helps dealers distill an ocean of inventory stocking and pricing data down to the basics needed to increase turn and margin. Recon evangelist Dennis McGinn preaches faster time-to-line disciplines, so cars hit the sales line fresher so they can sell more quickly for better margin. 

Rice said dealers who prioritize stocking over reconditioning and online marketing, contrary to what many accept as gospel, cripples used car…


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TagRail™ Announces Market Scan and F&I Express Integrations, Enables VIN-Specific, Penny-Perfect Online F&I Shopping on its New Digital Retail Platform

DUBLIN, CA – February 13, 2018 – TagRail™, the creator of DealerTag™ and the Lexus Plus CEM App, announced today the integration of Market Scan and F&I Express services into its new Digital Retail Platform. Now TagRail’s platform provides shoppers a transactional-specific, penny-accurate vehicle finance and aftermarket product check-out and delivery experience from their livingroom to the showroom.


These integrations populate TagRail’s F&I tool…


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Is Your GM the Right GM for Your Bottom Line?

By Dennis McGinn from AutoSuccess

​Lots of folks suit up to look the part. Unless the general manager of your dealership looks the part and plays that role hard, though, with passion and an enduring commitment to excellence, your dealership will not be great.

GMs fill big shoes. They cover a lot of acreage in their…


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Recession Proof Your Store and Recapture Lost Business Quickly

By Ryan Williams, President, Fidelis PPM

When a business fails, failure is rarely sudden. A post-mortem will usually uncover when and where the first rust of failure set in.

Take for example, the case of a failed mainline import store. Rust first crept in when uninspired management failed to update store…


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At NADA ’17, Rapid Recon to Announce ‘Group Reporting’ for Comparing Time-to-Market Recon Results across Multiple Dealership Rooftops

PALO ALTO, CA, January 19, 2017 – Rapid Recon, the undisputed leader in Time-to-Market Workflow™ software and reconditioning center transformation, will reveal its powerful reconditioning management tool, Group Reporting, at NADA ’17 in New Orleans next week. 

Group reporting compiles and indexes in graphical…


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Dealerships Vulnerable to Hack Attacks

by Jim Leman, Dec. 31, 2014 - Wards Dealer Business

Malware can steal customer social security numbers from finance and insurance department computers.

With malware known as Keylogger placed into a finance and insurance computer by a hacker, a cyberthief may capture every social security…


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Background Checks Leave Much to Be Desired

In ban the box states, an employer can no longer ask a job application about his or her prior (or presumed ongoing) criminal history.

Without the ability now to ask about criminal history, the applicant you hire might be a big risk, to you, your employees and your customers.

Today, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and many states, and even municipal governments view the use of background checks as an unfair hurdle to those with prior…


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Automotive Compliance Consultants to Help Auto Dealers Avoid Pitfalls to Secure F&I Compliance via DealersEdge Webinar

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL, Oct. 15, 2013 – Automotive Compliance Consultants said today that given the era’s new focus on F&I practices, its DealersEdge webinar Oct. 24 is designed to provide auto dealers with tips for ensuring compliant F&I…


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