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Expense Control is not sexy...

Written by AutoSuccess on 09 December 2014.

Our guest blogger today is Joe Clementi. Joe is the general manager and sales trainer at Sacramento Kia in California.

Expense Management Might Not Be Sexy, But It's Critical to Your Bottom Line

Expense control is not as exciting as closing a sale, providing a solution to an unsolvable problem or landing that big parts account. The very topic of expense control, however, is a critical…


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Five Essential Strategies to Sustaining a Productive Sales Department


Dealing with today's informed customers is as challenging as any time in history. Information is readily available as dealerships around the country lean on the Internet to compete for market share.

Third-party Websites acting as consumer advocates continue to compete for the attention of the Web-savvy…


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The Competitive Edge

The struggle for a competitive edge requires skill enhancement. Knowledge of products, technology and problem solving all take on new meaning while working with today’s customer.

Consumers no longer accept mediocre presentations, canned closing questions and product demonstrations that lack comprehensive knowledge. The customer is and will continue to be, more prepared for the buying process. They will ask questions that an untrained salesperson will not be able to…


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Performance Enhancement

Like any well-run organization, success in the dealership environment is interdependent on how clear the processes are and how efficient the associates perform within that system. There's an old business axiom that states “it’s either a process problem or a people problem". Each department is linked together through a myriad of different…


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End of Month: Are you ready?

The end of month is here and if you’re excited and ready to embrace it chances are you are having a good month.  If you are on the other end of the spectrum, well then most likely you have already given up.

If you have been trying to find the “secret” to massive success by “hoping” that it will arrive on your “someday ship”…                           



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Actions to Results

The success trek requires tenacity, perseverance and commitment as well as; consistency of effort. The route is littered with failure, unfulfilled promises and doubt. The journey is the welcome price paid for those driven to the relentless pursuit of the elusiveness that is success.…


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Where did your training budget go?

Today’s retail business model is to keep expenses lean while maximizing the revenue generating operations. Certain expenses have been eliminated while others have been reduced to a small percentage of gross.  One of the expenses that have seen a drastic decline is in the area of training. 

The training budget…


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Manage and motivate them...don't fire them!

Every new day brings the promise of something grand, promising, exciting and poses a fresh start. We put our disappointments, lost sales and setbacks behind us and move towards our goals and aspirations. 

Every single day salespeople come to work. They come with a purpose or an…


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Quiet Heroes

Some refer to him as the last of a great breed.

The hero who lived through The Great War,

He didn’t think of himself as a hero.

He knew who the real heroes…


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The Face of Your Franchise

In today’s economic environment the division between success and failure is as clear as it’s ever been. Having the right people, processes and products are essential for a dealership to be competitive.  Being a single-point,…


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Knowledge Plus Action equals Power.

You have heard it before and you know it’s true; knowledge plus action equals power.  Your knowledge is based on your expertise on your product offering, needs analysis and the ability to offer solutions.

Competence comes from knowledge and the route of knowledge is grounded in continuous education. …


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How do we get our people, the culture, aligned with the strategies so that everyone is committed to the strategy? How do we unleash the creativity, resourcefulness, talent, and energy of our team so they come together?…


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Not lost...just undiscovered.

Hello Manager; I am the salesperson you just hired.  I know very little of the products I’m supposed to represent, nothing of the dealership I’m representing and nothing about what your processes are.  I have been sitting in back watching factory sponsored videos and taking tests on a product I haven’t even seen up close yet.  I’ve heard (from the…


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Tend to your garden of success or it will tend to you!

Find a mediocre sales person and you’ll find him/her surrounded by peers with like views, opinions and excuses.  They will tell you why their sales volume lacks consistency and their gross profit production is far below the median.  They practice the excuses so well that they’ve become experts a closing themselves on mediocrity.

They come to this new job with…


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Shortcuts and quick fix solutions

Shortcuts and quick fix solutions

We live in a quick fix; fast solution, immediate results driven society where 24 hour news cycle and instant feedback rule our social lives.  Read a book now and you become an expert that can teach the topic.  Start a diet and in 90-days you will have the body of a super model.

The need for instant gratification prevents some people from realizing incremental long-term success. That would be the equivalent of planting a rose…


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Change: The DNA of Success

While the experts pontificate on which direction the automobile business is headed, thousands of professionals go about their day totally unaware of the chatter. Intellectual enthusiasts debate the next greatest enhancement to the business as innovators sell their wares. Change, as a necessary evolution; is as essential as the invention of the integrated…


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Sales Performance - Counseling for results

Creating consistency from your sales staff requires constant management and coaching. Counseling performance is the process where the sales manager(s) have a formal review of prior production, monthly sales requirements and the dealerships standards.

Having the proper documentation and reviewing the coaching stage of the deficiency is imperative. The goal is to alter the behavior to accomplish a common goal. A proper analysis of the job production should be compared…


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Technology, The Tablet and the Virtual Evidence manual

What single piece of evidence can you present to a potential customer that will separate you from the competition? Before you answer that question I want you to think about the “purpose and not the result.”

Technology can be a great neutralizer in the effort to differentiate one sales person from another. Statistics according to a recent article in Automotive News…


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Who’s pulling your strings? Legalized extortion for the auto business.

In the automotive business, we expect there to be critics. We understand that there are detractors to our business. No one understands the value of “the voice of the customer” better than an automotive dealer. In fact, there’s been a whole business built around “relationship management” specifically for the automotive industry.

Social media has taken this concept…


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Collaboration or Confrontation?

Collaboration not confrontation

The day starts with an offer that’s hundreds below cost with a trade in that’s thousands away from its actual cash value.  The salesperson spent hours from the initial greeting to the vehicle selection process only to have their bubble busted by a ridiculous offer. Of course, the offer is substantiated by the dealer down the…


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