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Volume is your Job, Gross is how you do it

Interview with one of the best in the industry I had the opportunity to talk to Tim Kintz, Leader and Trainer of The Kintz Group.

Success. Relevance. Survival. The pandemic has changed everything about management in today’s business world. For the automotive industry and similar businesses that rely on…


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How to Become a Better Car Salesman

How to Become a Great Salesperson

1. Be a Critical Thinker

The best salespeople don’t simply rely on a script that dictates every step of how they should sell a

product or service, but rather they adapt or alter their sales pitches in accordance with the prospective

customer, time and place. This also means having the ability to think outside the box in challenging their

existing sales pitches and processes to reach higher levels.

2. Be…


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Nicest Guy in The Car Biz Jordan Savage

I always enjoy chatting it up with Jordan Savage because he always has something positive to say. I don't think he ever has anything bad to say about anyone. Jordan is highly respect among his peers and salesmen around him. This interview had some technical issues but it was a good interview

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May 24th Morning Motivation

Monday Morning Motivation, Car Business and Ownership Thinking Mindset

Too many times we have been told to get your sales up, You need to sell more cars. Managers telling you we have to hit this number and we need to hit that number and you ask yourself" What's in it for me?" Well this is where you get the Ownership Thinking…


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Back to the Basics with Ron Garverick

Nothing has changed why are we trying to reinvent the wheel?

The 8 to 12 steps to the sell is still key when you are selling a car. When a customer shows up to the dealership you still hold your hand out and smile and say “Welcome to ABC Motors my name is Ron and you are?” Practice that little sentence right there and it will…


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BDC Talk Policies & Procedures within the dealership with Philip Cheatham of Central Desking

Here it is . Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast on all podcast platforms and also subscribe to my YouTube Channel @ RonGarverick . I appreciate the support from everyone and to my sponsors, Street Volkswagen of Amarillo, dealerElite and GARV Automotive Finance, BDC, Sales & Management Training…


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Mindset of The Salesperson Interview with Aj Owens with Subaru of Wichita

Mindset of The Salespeople, Interview with Aj Owens of Subaru of Wichita. 

We talk about Internet Leads vs Lot Ups

Salesmen Mindset & the Importance of Training Salespeople and Managers alike.

Please subscribe to my podcasts The Automotive Architect Sales Podcast & The Manager…


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Don't Tell Me, Show Me

Has someone ever said to you, “You should have done this,” or “Why didn’t you do it this…


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There are 3 steps you need to take from in this article, I truly believe if you do these 3 things you will become a better professional in the automotive business. I believe if you stick to these three things

Your mind will be right and you will have a great mindset and you will make a lot more money.

The first step I want you to know if MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, who cares what other salesmen are doing, who cares if they come in late or call in from work, what does that…


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