There are 3 steps you need to take from in this article, I truly believe if you do these 3 things you will become a better professional in the automotive business. I believe if you stick to these three things

Your mind will be right and you will have a great mindset and you will make a lot more money.

The first step I want you to know if MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, who cares what other salesmen are doing, who cares if they come in late or call in from work, what does that have to do with your business?

Are you crying because you think they get more internet leads than you do? So what! What does that have to do with your business? If you think so and so is a house mouse So What! What does that have to do with your business? You see if doesn’t have anything to do with your business and how you make money. So why are you so concerned? It’s because you think it’s unfair that they get a lay down lead and that could have been yours, you think its unfair that the Sales Manager or GM gives them a lead from a friend that they know that all the numbers are already done and all the customer as to do is come in and sign paperwork and that could have been your deal. Here’s another one you came in at 8am this morning and have to close but Jimmy left to go home early without asking a manager and they don’t care but if you left without telling a manager before you know it, your phone is ringing off the hook asking where you are at and why you left before your scheduled time.

We all have thought about it and I know how frustrating it may be but look at the other side, you get that phone call because the dealership and the management staff sees value in you being at the dealership and they see you are a great closer and need you to get those tough customers.

So many times veteran salespeople go home at 5 or 6pm and the heaviest traffic shows up and all we have are the green peas that can’t close their way out of a paper bag. So see the value in being here and working your deal.

So many times I see salesmen so stuck on why other salesmen aren’t here that it is effecting there business  of selling cars. I see so many complaining on why they haven’t received any internet leads but refuse to listen on how they can get more if they follow up with the mullets they were handed before or work the save a deals of the customers that left the dealership one way or another that said “I have to think about it” All I can say is MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and work to make yourself money and leave the complaining to the ones that want to fail and want to start working minimal wage at a Burger King because that’s where they will end up if they don’t change and worry about their own business.

The second step is MINE YOUR OWN BUSINESS, what I mean by that is find your own customers , start asking for referrals with the customers that bought from you, the best advertising and it has been proven is from other people. Two couples are hanging out at a cook out and the man asks the other man “Where did you get your new vehicle?” and he says “I got it from a very professional salesman at ABC Motors they gave me a really great deal on the car and I couldn’t refuse, you really need to go talk to him” Word of mouth is the best advertising and its free to do. Mining your own business can also consist of being at a restaurant eating and your waitress comes to your table and asks you what you do for a living and you tell her you sell cars. Then you proceed to ask her what she is currently driving now and if she ever thought about trading it in for something newer? See you are going out and drawing up your own business to make money. You can’t wait for the dealership to spend thousands of dollars a month on advertising and internet leads so you can make a paycheck. Rent is due and you have bills to pay, Don’t be lazy, work your own business and make your own money by the effort you put into it.

This leads me into the next step and that’s when you look in the mirror and you know you have not paid attention to what everyone else is doing at the dealership, you have 3 appointments coming in today that you set yourself and you have money in the bank and you say to yourself “This is MY BUSINESS”

You have done everything you needed to do to make yourself very successful, you followed the process, you have contacted all the customers you needed to, to set the appointments you needed to sell a car and you didn’t need what is called a “Cupcake” to make your month off internet leads and you have determined that even tho the dealership provides  a building, inventory, pays utilities and office supplies that this is YOUR BUSINESS and you are the President, CEO of your company and if you go bankrupt it’s nobodies fault but your own. So my question to you is are you going to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS? MINE YOUR OWN BUSINESS? Or do both and make it YOUR BUSINESS and when you look in the mirror every morning you will realize when looking at yourself and you say  “This is MY BUSINESS

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