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Technology is Better than Sales People!

A lesson on building your own Digital Network, and getting away from 3rd party vendors!

Most dealerships E commerce managers believe they are at the top of the technology game when they pay for large budgets that serve up ads, based on IP addresses, or cookie based ads. With the age of revolving IP addresses and cookie awareness, this form of advertising is losing ground quickly, no one has a static IP anymore, and consumers do not even pay attention to those…


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How Clean is your DMS Data

Is this a reasonable concern with dealers?

Targeted re-marketing to existing DMS contacts is a issue most dealers leave to routine, email and letters generated daily from dealership level.

Is the ROI measured? 

Can the dealer do a better job?

LIVE MARKETING is a new automotive forefront player in the data space, concerning DMS data mining. The company has been in development of a brilliant strategy to use multi-channel media -- and -- to roadmap the process of re…


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Subprime Is On The Rise: Which Creates New Profit Avenues For Smart Car Dealers

According to Experian: car loan delinquencies fell in the first quarter of 2011, for the first time in three years.  Default rates have dropped by 28% from the previous year; meaning that banks are feeling more confident in lending to more sub-prime customers.  The banks also have more money to lend so they are more willing to take risks and lend to people with less than perfect credit.

This is good news for Independent Dealers…


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Auto Dealers, Post Videos of your Invenotry on Friends Walls

Important for Auto Dealers….

Adding Video to your existing page is often over looked, this type of digital media can separate your dealership from the next one, realize now that it is such a very important step in marketing your dealership, you can connect with over Millions Video Users, around the world.

Sounds Easy, right? It is very easy, and effective, and can help to SEO your Dealership.

Grab the video icon, and upload your videos daily to different friends pages. …


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Optimize Facebook Marketing for Any Business

Optimizing Facebook Marketing for Your Business

Facebook offers many ways to promote your business to its online community. From creating a Facebook Page for your business, to starting a topical group, to launching a targeted ad campaign, Facebook is becoming an increasingly important component of a company’s online marketing plan. Following are some Facebook marketing tactics that can work for your business:

  • Share your content. A Facebook presence should be…

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Used Car Prices 2X the Normal

Used car prices have run up 20% since January after falling for much of 2009 and 2010, researcher Kelley Blue Book said Monday. And Manheim Consulting, an arm of one of the nation's largest wholesale used car auction companies, says prices are being bid higher than at any time since it started keeping track in 1995.



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Hybrid Advertising : A new Mantra For Car dealers!

How to get a higher return on your advertising investment

The car business has always been a red or green business when it comes to advertising. After losing about 17,000 new-and-used car dealerships, the auto industry, plus many of the advertising mediums are having to change business models to cope with the changing economic platform. If you plan on being one of the surviving dealerships then you will be re evaluating and changing your advertising model of the future.



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