A lesson on building your own Digital Network, and getting away from 3rd party vendors!

Most dealerships E commerce managers believe they are at the top of the technology game when they pay for large budgets that serve up ads, based on IP addresses, or cookie based ads. With the age of revolving IP addresses and cookie awareness, this form of advertising is losing ground quickly, no one has a static IP anymore, and consumers do not even pay attention to those irritating ads that pop up everywhere, they have become resistant, therefore the reports are full of “smoke and mirrors”, and can’t provide solid proof of increased showroom sales.

Auto dealers must make the move to Big Data technology companies, to get back in the game, and create their own digital network , that drives fresh organic leads, that sell at higher gross.

The age of tablet and chisel marketing is over, using Big Data, dealers can reach more people, at a lower cost with a much higher return on investment. The key to the future is harnessing the Big Data technology to power your success, drive up sales, and customer loyalty.

At that point your sales people become order takers and product specialists!

“Cookies don’t buy cars people do!” Cookie based ads are failing, and dealers are not seeing any additional revenue added to their bottom line.

But good data analysis will tell a story, about the shoppers who are surfing through your website. When the right points are measured and compiled, and looked at as a whole, the data points, and measurements create a narrative about who is looking for your make and model, what top makes they are considering, and what price range, and how many sites they have visited and for how long.

Once the digitally generated information is humanized, you can then roll out Best Offers, to find a solution for your website visitor considerations, thus improving your website conversation rate, and selling more from all of your digital spend.

The offer from your dealership, is right on target and delivers a message that solves their car shopping need, eliminating the need for further shopping, and hopefully positively affect your bottom line.

For more Information, please contact Dani at dani@mylivemarketing.com

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