10 Tips for "Getting on HER Radar" October!!

2010 Every month is the month to make CONTACT!!
In many cases, women do not make purchases on the spot – at least not in the literal sense. Studies show that women tend to have 13 points of contact with a brand before making a purchase. Even “impulse” buys are often influenced by several previous encounters that influence her decision to buy.
Want to speed up the process and start making more contacts with prospects? Fall is a great time to reconnect. Here are 10 ways to get on her radar, make a connection and become top of mind.

1. Follow up after a meeting or conversation
Just because she isn’t ready to buy today doesn’t mean she won’t buy at all. This is the obvious step toward staying top of mind. Send her a note or give her a call to follow up, thanking her for her time and giving her your contact information so she can reach you with questions.

2. Remember her birthday or anniversary
On her birthday – or other appropriate date, such as the yearly anniversary of a previous purchase – send her a card. It’s the thought that counts, especially if it reminds her of your product or service. For extra oomph, include a coupon or other special gift.

3. Send articles and relevant communications
Pay attention to the personal and professional interests she mentions in conversation. When you stumble across an article or other relevant info, send it to her. This shows you’ve paid attention and that you’re a thoughtful partner who cares about her success.

4. Host a charitable event
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and now is the time to start planning your special fundraiser or event. Not only will you support a great cause, but this is a great opportunity to reach out to clients and prospects in a way that isn’t “just another” promotion or advertisement. This works especially well when you combine your charitable event with a WomenCertified Celebration.

5. Invite her to a seminar
Who doesn’t appreciate free knowledge? Share your expertise by hosting a seminar on a topic relevant to your clients’ and prospects’ needs. Invite them to bring friends and make connections through a short period of mingling and networking.

6. Send her a special offer
Sometimes a good deal is all it takes to lure in a new customer who might be otherwise dragging her feet. It’s a recession, after all.

7. Advertise
This may seem like another obvious option, but it’s critical and it needs to resonate with her. She needs to see your brand out and about, in her daily life. Maybe it’s on TV, on a billboard, in a magazine or newspaper, on a website – or a combination of the above and most important is to include your WomenCertified Seal of Approval. Let her know you care!

8. Attend community events
Like advertising, this gets you and your name out and about. Every fundraiser, carnival, festival or sporting event is an opportunity to grow your network and catch up with clients and prospects to jog their memory of your services.

9. Sponsor community events
Take your attendance a step further by sponsoring an event. Sponsors get their logos plastered all over, and they often have their pictures in newspapers and on websites. The more you’re seen, especially doing good things, the more prominent you’ll be on her radar.

10. Create an email campaign
Email is great because it’s cheap—and in our high-tech society, it’s becoming a more powerful and effective way to reach prospects. A single email is rarely effective on its own, however; we recommend a series of 3 emails over the course of 2-3 months to catch her attention, recognize your name and gain her interest. Learn how we can help. Susan Hair 561-309-7078

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