3 Ways to Welcome Women to Your Website in 2018

Women report that a dealership’s website is the #1 digital resource they use when shopping for a car. Yet, 76% of women rate their dealer’s site at 3 stars out of 5. They’re looking for car dealer’s digital assets to deliver much more.

Currently, dealers’ websites are almost exclusively product focused. So what can you do to build trust, be welcoming, and make a better impression on your #1 market segment and increase conversions?

1. Convey Persona and Lifestyle
Your landing page is key to inviting and retaining customers. Use it to show more than the mix of vehicles—show images of real people to convey happy emotions as well as a trusted relationship. Providing a mix of guests, including single women, women with families, young and old with a good demographic mix, shows a potential buyer that you care about people and have a wide range of customers.

2. Dealer Reviews
Women use car dealer reviews 50% more than men, and those reviews are 3 times more influential than advertising when a woman purchases a car. Why? Women want to learn from others’ experiences at dealerships to help verify if they want to do business there.

Place reviews on the home page or give them their own navigation section. In 2018, customer testimonials are too important to hide under About Us.

3. Informative Content
Current, engaging, and informative content is a great way to build trust and ensure that your guests get value from your brand. Show your customers that you care about them before, during, and after their shopping and buying experiences. This demonstrates that you have a more seamless on-to-off-line buying journey.

Your website will be the first point of engagement for potential customers. Be sure that it represents your business and brand well and provides value. Customer engagement is primary; selling is secondary. Spend time making sure that your dealer’s website has a direct impact on increasing sales to women.

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