At first glance, phone scripts may seem like something that isn’t necessary for your calls. Many people feel like they can be more successful if they are allowed to handle calls their own way. However, phone scripts are actually one of the most valuable tools you can use to not only have successful phone calls but also to improve the overall reputation of your dealership. 


One of the most difficult parts of developing a team is ensuring everyone is properly trained and empowered to do their all. Phone scripts allow you to have a set training method with a proven success rate. Rather than hoping that the person picks up on what you are sharing with them or trying to get them to replicate something that is only successful with the right personality, you can rely on a script that has been personalized to your dealership and sales process. Phone scripts will also speed up the onboarding process, which allows you to have fully trained sales agents in a shorter amount of time.


The point of having sales agents on the phone is to get appointments set that will lead to more traffic at your dealership and more cars sold. To make sure that every phone call has the best chance of becoming an appointment, you want to make sure that they are getting their questions answered and that they are being placed appropriately in the sales funnel. Phone scripts guide your sales agents through this process and ensure that each phone call is appropriately categorized. While it would be nice if every phone call led directly to an appointment and then to a sale, some people need a few more touches than that. Using a phone script will help sales agents make the right call about what a potential customer needs to become a solid prospect.


Even the most seasoned sales agent can have off days, and there is a lot of information that needs to be conveyed on phone calls. Nothing is worse than the feeling of hanging up a phone call and realizing that you forgot to share crucial information or forgot to ask some of the most important questions. Phone scripts guide sales agents through the conversation step by step and give them reminders about all of the points that they need to hit to be successful. They can also help them remember what information they need to collect and help keep it organized. The prompts that come as part of the phone script also help everything flow smoothly, rather than jumping from topic to topic.


The reputation of your business is affected by every interaction a customer has, and phone calls are one of the best ways to either boost or ruin that reputation. Having professional sales agents is a great mark that many people will remember. Phone scripts help create a uniform experience so that everyone is on the same professional level. They also boost the confidence level of your agents. There are few things that make a sales agent sweat more than being asked questions that they aren’t sure how to answer. Using phone scripts helps them find the answers at any moment, which keeps them feeling sure of their abilities and representing your dealership in a professional manner.


In addition to keeping your reputation as a solid dealership intact, phone scripts also set boundaries for your sales agents and keep your business safe. People tend to take anything said by a sales agent as the gospel truth, and any stray comment could end up committing your dealership to something you don’t actually do. While you don’t have to honor anything that is contrary to your business practices, angry customers often make it easier to just give in. By using phone scripts, you can set boundaries and easily allow sales agents to reference policies, procedures, up-to-date sales information, legal information, and anything else they need to keep the information they share accurate.

Phone scripts carry many benefits for your dealership that you really shouldn’t be going without. Not only does it make your job easier, but it also assures that everything will run smoothly for the sales team without too much oversight. This will allow you to focus on other areas that need more hands-on attention.

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