A 25K-Technician Shortage Spells Problems by David Martin & Brett Coker

Last year it was reported that the automotive industry would experience a shortage of 25,000 technicians in the coming months. This was based on a recent survey that showed the demand for auto mechanics is expected to increase by 9% within five years.

This shortage affects vehicle service operations across the board from boats and RVs to buses. Often dealers scout from other dealerships and offer large sign-on bonuses and generous benefits packages.

While we can’t stop the dealership competition, we can think creatively and act accordingly to both acquire new technicians and to retain the existing staff.

This will require a close examination of existing compensation plans, benefits, and work schedules. Whether a dealership wants to increase their revenue from the service and parts department, or from new and used vehicle sales, they still must have enough technicians to be able to PDI the new cars, recon the old ones, and install any upsells.

So how are you keeping and attracting your top talent?

This article was published shortly before we presented a workshop at the NADA Convention and Expo in 2016 on “Technicians are Gold! Are You Mining For Yours?” You can request a copy of our workshop handouts here. To read the full article, please visit our website.

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