A Dynamic Marketing Solution for Community Auto Dealers

Auto dealers with one or two locations in secondary markets are often short of marketing resources, including staff to execute strategies and budgets to raise the visibility of the store and drive more showroom traffic. Now a company has come up with a solution to help these dealers generate more visibility in their communities via traditional, digital, and social media marketing programs.

Dealers Marketing Network’s suite of marketing solutions benefits local dealers in several ways. They offer a choice of programs covering local promotional events, social media activities, reputation marketing, proprietary video channels, and consulting time to develop community-specific programs.

Dealers also have the option to leverage a service that identifies vendors and vets them to ensure their programs are beneficial for that particular market.

According to CEO Mark Dubis, during the onboarding process, Dealers Marketing Network conducts an audit of the dealer’s current marketing activities, vendors, and campaign results. Then Dealers Marketing Network develops a strategy specific to the dealership for an initial deployment. Examples of what this could involve include digital and social media tactics, a blog, and showroom point-of-sale materials.

The Dealers Marketing Network plan creates promotions and engagement strategies on a market exclusive basis. Simply put, when a dealer signs onto the program, it will be the only dealer in its market area with access to the Dealers Marketing Network programs.

“Auto dealers benefit from our network similar to how a local television station benefits from being an affiliate of ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC,” said Dubis. “Our clients have access to exclusive programming that is hard to compete with because it is well researched, targeted, and strategically planned,” he explained.

Dealers Marketing Network expects to build out across the country. As the network grows; so will the resources to develop cutting-edge marketing solutions, videos, and customer events for their member dealers.

Above the standard services, member dealers have the opportunity to initiate other programs and boost their visibility and brand even further. A compelling aspect of the program is the fact that the member dealer controls the monthly ad budget and the promotions it wants to roll out in its market.  They can boost their ad-spend on a seasonal basis and can turn the marketing faucet on a little or a lot.

Dubis further explained that the Dealers Marketing Network team provides the work product for each initiative. If the project requires point-of-sale materials or other external costs, the dealership covers those additional costs.  Over the past few years, technology has often been a two-edged sword for auto dealers. Now dealers in the network will be able to leverage creative talent and technology to generate more sales and service business and build relationships for future sales too.

Dealers can read more about the program at www.dealersmarketingnetwork.com  or call (216)712-6712. 

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