ADM, DealerElite, DrivingSales and DealerRefresh; Auto Industry Professional Site Traffic for May 2011

For the past three years I have used my account at Compete, Inc. to monitor sites like DealerElite and ADM... The following charts and monthly traffic analysis is provided by Compete, Inc. which is the same marketing research company that Google frequently utilizes to measure and report on website traffic and engagement by Internet users.

With almost twice as much Unique Visitor Traffic as any of the other online automotive blogs and communities tracked, the Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community continues to lead the auto industry as the site where more automotive marketing professionals go to for information, networking, tools, strategies and the tactical how to's that empower them to be more successful in their job roles. Shown below are further details of Compete's analysis of the five sites tracked during the month of May, 2011...

One of the most interesting aspects of observing this type of online activity by automotive professionals is the continued growth of which now receives more Unique Visitor Traffic than either or  Although both DrivingSales and DealerRefresh have been around a lot longer, Chris Saraceno and Mike Myers have aggressively marketed and promoted DealerElite to grow their visitor traffic past that of their site's longer established predecessors.



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Comment by Bill Goodfriend on June 20, 2011 at 8:27pm
This some really cool information that I hope alot BDC & ISM's read because if anyone who is utilizing social media to network, market and ultimately sell through different means of techniques this would surely help them understand what is working and what is not. It takes all the guess work out. Great post Ralph; thanks for sharing.

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