Amazing kindness! Thanks Jack Doherty

Details of the Recommendation: "I met David early in his career in 1988 while at the very reputable Carlisle Lincoln Mercury in Clearwater, Florida. David joined this largest retail Lincoln Mercury dealership in the nation and very quickly became the leader on the sales board. David takes extraordinary care of his customers by providing the best of service, constant communication and follow thru. These unrelenting attributes (still practiced religiously today) led to his enormous success in his lightening quick rise to management. David advanced from new car manager, general sales manager to general manager in less than a year. I had the unique opportunity to compete with him in the Cadillac setting in Tampa Bay and he was always well respected, a tremendous trainer and the very strongest of leaders. He took a very under performing Cadillac dealership and rocketed the store to one of the premier Cadillac stores in the country in less than 18 months. David is a dynamic performer who truly walks the walk and talks the talk. I have learned tons from his work ethic and commitment. He always succeeds!"

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