System to educate my waiting area customers on service and sales items.

I just installed a new system on our waiting area TV.  The company AdvantageTec integrates our existing TV with the Internet—85% of the screen remains “live” TV allowing your customers to continue to watch any channel anytime (i.e. sports, news, food…); the remaining 15% of the TV becomes a real time Internet accessible portion of the screen that informs and engages your clients to take action on sales and service offers.

It is a hands-off solution will automatically updates with new car factory sales promotions, used car sales specials (actual vehicle pictures fully synchronized with your website), extended warranties, maintenance plans and hundreds of other promotions.

The feature I really like is the “live” TV while providing real time Internet access to a portion of the TV screen.  We can still watch live sports and news. 

The company website is

I highly recommend this to all of my friends and DE connections!

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