This was a response to a question about Salespeople in my inbox:

The problem stems from who to blame.   Dealers blame the Managers and the Managers blame the salespeople.  Managers stay until they have a DUI, verbal blowout or quit.  Salespeople just come and go as evidenced by the 62% average turnover rate.

If the salespeople fail, it is the Manager's fault for more than one reason.  First they hire or have other screen their salespeople and mostly it is done because of need.  Then they never take ownership of that salesperson and since that is the case, it is up to the salesperson to either succeed or fail.  In most cases, they are either inexperienced at handling a job that takes motivation and desire or they have failed in other professions and are willing to try another one.

The problem is management, not the salespeople.  Most Managers are teflon and nothing sticks to them.  The great Managers are velcro and they accept the blame for everything.

I just heard a good analogy the other day

People who are assets speed things up and make us money!

People who are liabilities slow things down and cost us money!

Salespeople Sell

Managers Manage


Dealers Play Golf.

Work on a consistent hiring process, always looking for assets

Set minimum standards and get rid of the liabilities 

Look for people in places that other Dealerships don't look.  Assets at other businesses that can become an asset at your Dealership.

As a turn around specialist in stores that even the manufacturers didn't want, people are the most important asset.  Put the right people in the right places and make sure they do their job and they can not fail and you can not fail.

Jim Fisher


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Comment by DealerELITE on July 8, 2017 at 12:20pm
Jim thanks for sharing

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