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As I travel around North America and speak to salespeople, customers, managers, owners and BDC reps I am always surprised by how often salespeople are prevented from selling vehicles buy not asking great questions.

The situation usually starts after a salesperson has spend several hours with the customer and asks for the order. The customer usually says something like, I need to speak to my wife, my friend, my dad, my daughter, my accountant etc.

At this point the salesperson stops selling, because it is the polite thing to do. It makes sense and seems logical. Now if you are a Travers store you will try the pace, pace lead tactic which may work. The real answer however is to start and finish the process by asking better questions.

There are no bad questions, just bad answers anyway!

Step One: You need to isolate and overcome the real objection. Most people have spent a great deal of time discussing a car purchase before visiting the dealership and thought does not take a lot of time.

There are 5 main reason's why people don't buy cars and they have not changed in a long, long time.

They are as follows:

One: They don't like the vehicle (the vehicle is not right)

Two: They don't like you or the brand or dealership (Change the salesperson or Manager)

Three: They are not happy with the trade vale (no customer is ever)

Four: They are not happy with the price, discount or payment

(the car does not fit their budget, or they think they can get it cheaper)

Five: Other (they need to think about it etc) Almost always a rebuttal not an objection

Step two: Now that you know what may prevent them from buying a vehicle you need to isolate thier real objection and overcome it to move forward with the car deal.

Step three: Make sure the car is right first, if the vehicle is not right nothing else really matters.

Step four: Make sure you understand how they bought their last vehicle. Most people are creatures of habit and will most likely buy their next vehicle like they bought their last one.

For example: current payment is X nxt payment should be X or less. Money down last time, money down this time. Lease last time, lease this time etc.

Step Five: Ask questions like, before you go I was just wondering is the vehicle right, is the trade value right, is the payment right? If yes: great, what is stopping you from getting this done right now If No: What's not right?

Step Six: Close on the objection by asking better questions, worst case is that they leave anyway. In this case I would do my best to set a time frame with the customer and more importantly a follow up call or appointment.

Simply put ask better questions and find out the real reason the customer is not moving forward. Customers don't visit car dealerships to waste time for the most part. If you don't ask the questions you will never know. Don't accept the think about it answer, get better at asking questions and sell more cars.

I hope this helps, if you have questions, I can help!

Ian Nethercott

Performance Coach

Proactive Dealer Solutions

604 240 7642

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