Ever notice that the one thing that every sales trainer has in common is that they all speak of the importance of attitude. Attitude is the most important asset that a person can possibly have. I have seen my own personal attitude close deals and I have seen it lose deals. Even when a deal is lost, your attitude toward the whole experience is what determines how your next transaction ends.


    Think about it. Charles Swindol, Dale Carnegie, Tom Hokins, Grant Cardone, Zig Ziglar, What do they all have in common? An over the top positive attitude. Take the whole true car phenomenon for example. I see sales professionals running the other way from these customers and I see other sales professionals running toward them, switching them, and making gross. What is the difference? There attitude.


     One of my collegues told me recently that the director of truecar.com made a statement that in five years no one will need a sales staff. That is a threat toward us my friend and I havnt allways been as fortunate as I am now so I dont handle threats lightly. My response is, BRING IT!!!! I will outsell any website or computer you can throw at me!


      The point here folks is that we could all use an attitude adjustment. Lets get back to the basics. That is what professionals do.


      Good day and good selling,


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Comment by Jason McIntosh "Jmac" on December 26, 2011 at 10:25pm

Attitude is like a weapon...  Proctective or Deadly!

Attitude is like a line in the NFL... Offfensive or defensive!

Attitude can be Reactive or Proactive!

Attitude can make or break!

Attitude... Both a problem an a solution!

Attitudes we all have them an which one we choose and how we use it... differentiate winners from losers!

Yes customers may buy into price at first... until they run into your attitude...

Then whether it shifts from price to you or remains at price has everything to do with your attitude at the time!

Rock on my brother!!!! 

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