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Service is still Senior!!!

I have been in the car business for close to five years now, and I still find it horrifying when I hear customers talk about previous purchases and visits to Car Dealerships. For anyone to really make a go at a career in the car business, The first thing for them to understand is that service is still senior! People who are making or considering making a purchase that size still deserve a certain level of service. And by what I have heard, it is also a great way to differentiate yourself in…


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The difference between those that have, and those that don't!

I read an interesting quote the other day. Its a quote that I have included several times in many of my post's but for some reason this time I actually took it upon myself to meditate on it. It is found in Tim Tebow's autobiography, and it says "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". One thing that I always found fascinating about Tim Tebow was his amazing work ethic. Here is a guy who is not built for the position of a quarterback, but adopts a take no prisoners work ethic…


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Championship Mentality

 What is the difference between a championship team and just a pretty good team? Most experts, coaches, managers, and leaders alike will agree that the difference is this little attribute called dedication. Show me a championship team and I will show you a group of individuals who were dedicated far beyond what statistics, or polls, or even there competition were prepared for.


  Tim Tebow said in his recent book, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard". No truer…


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     I know what most people are thinking. What in the world is attergy. I assure you I have somewhere I am going with this. The other morning in the sales meating, my manager was trying to tell us to greet every customer with enthusiasm and energy. What he said cought my ears. "Work every day with attergy"


     Of course he quikly redirected his statement to what he had orriginally intended to say, but I wrote the word down and have even come up with a…


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Change is crucial to success.

     Someone once told me that you cant keep doing the same thing and expect different results. It took me a long time to realize exactly what that meant. Too often we have a tendancy to run from change. We get comfortable in our current position, marriage, carreer, etc. And we tend to develope a fear of change wrather than embracing it.


     Every successful person on earth regardless of there carreer field or line of work, has had to accept change. Just look at the…


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5 Things that will kill your success!

     Every one of us has seen it. We all know someone if not multiple people who just dont get it. We have all had days that we were just in a lazy mood, or just didnt feal like doing any real work. We have all had at least one incident where we were with a customer and got a little too cocky, or told ourselves that there was no deal there. We are all guilty of not performing at our full potential.


     The truth is that success can be achieved by anyone who wants it. Notice…


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Attitude is everything!


   Ever notice that the one thing that every sales trainer has in common is that they all speak of the importance of attitude. Attitude is the most important asset that a person can possibly have. I have seen my own personal attitude close deals and I have seen it lose deals. Even when a deal is lost, your attitude toward the whole experience is what determines how your next transaction ends.


    Think about it. Charles Swindol, Dale Carnegie, Tom Hokins, Grant…


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The Importance of Prospecting.

    It is my belief that the single thing that seperates the Sales Professional from the Ameture. In order to achieve true success in sales of any form, most especially the automotive industry, waiting around for someone to pull up will not prove to be anything other than mentally draining and stressful. The truth is that people are still buying and trading cars. Not everyone is out of work, and not everyone is broke.


          People complain about competition, but arent…


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