I know what most people are thinking. What in the world is attergy. I assure you I have somewhere I am going with this. The other morning in the sales meating, my manager was trying to tell us to greet every customer with enthusiasm and energy. What he said cought my ears. "Work every day with attergy"


     Of course he quikly redirected his statement to what he had orriginally intended to say, but I wrote the word down and have even come up with a deffinition.


     Attergy- The fusion of attitude and energy


     If you look at most highly successful people, they work constantly. Its really almost graceful how they just seem to burst through adversity and good luck just falls in there lap. It is my beliefe that this kind of work ethic is a combination of a couple of personal trates that can only be defined as Attergy.


     First off, successful people are almost allways positive. The saying goes " Smile and the whole world smiles with you, Frown and you frown alone" This was our parents way of trying to tell us that everyone loves a positive motivated person but no body wants to be around someone who is allways negative.


     Second, The amount of energy that successful people work with is inspireing to say the least. Have you ever known someone who was just allways working? Have you ever just sat back and said to yourself WOW!!! Im getting tired just watching? The truth is that that person who is displaying the extreme amount of energy is really just focused on his or her task at hand and that alone creates the energy neaded to give whatever task you are trying to complete that extra push.


     When you combine both the positive freak like attitude with the amazing inspiring energy or focus to complete a job or task. That my friend is how you develope Attergy. The fusion of the two. This is something that we should all try and discipline ourselves to opperate with.


     I want to challenge you this week to look deep within yourself and find that thing that motivates you the most. Look over your goals and your priorities, and go get whatever it is you want to achieve. The power to dictate the future lies in each and every one of us. Be the difference between the average guy and the guy who is allways at the top of the latter. Discipline yourself to work with enthusiasm and energy, allways remaining positive untill it forges together deep inside your ethical being, Thus becomeing Attergy.


Good Selling,



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Comment by Marsh Buice on March 13, 2012 at 9:16pm

Phil, great post brother. I love the inspiration and enthusiasm in this post--I'm all about the Attergy! Keep these posts coming.

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