What is the difference between a championship team and just a pretty good team? Most experts, coaches, managers, and leaders alike will agree that the difference is this little attribute called dedication. Show me a championship team and I will show you a group of individuals who were dedicated far beyond what statistics, or polls, or even there competition were prepared for.


  Tim Tebow said in his recent book, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard". No truer words, in my opinion, have been said in regards to any sport, or anything for that matter that requires training. Sales is no different than a high stakes football or baseball game. If you want to be one of the greats, you have to train. You have to role play similar situations to your market. I hear people whining all the time about the economy, or the market place, or whatever. Look. You can't wait for the marketplace or the economy to improve. Who knows how long that will take? The goal is to actually outperform the market.


 There are negative people everywhere. On every corner and in every office. Dont buy in to there bull s***! Truth be told, these people are so unhappy with there performance that there goal is to drag you down to there level so they can feel better. I say make them feel worse. Starve them out of business so that they are no longer a threat.


 If you ever want to be a champion, you have to make sacrifices. You have to be willing to do what nobody else wants to do. You dont have to be the smartest or the best dressed. You dont have to know every single little thing about the business or field that you are in. But you do have to be willing to outwork the guy sitting next to you that does. There is a saying at my dealership that we frequently use. That saying is " the proof is in the pudding."


 Be willing to go the extra mile. Show up early and stay late. Always stay green and learn something new everyday. Adopt the mindset of a Champion and make every second of every day count. You can say you work hard. Anybody can do that. But when you start letting your actions speak louder than your words, Believe me, everyone around you will get the hint. Stop talking and start selling. Strive to be a champion and remember, " the proof is in the pudding."


Good selling,


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