I have been in the car business for close to five years now, and I still find it horrifying when I hear customers talk about previous purchases and visits to Car Dealerships. For anyone to really make a go at a career in the car business, The first thing for them to understand is that service is still senior! People who are making or considering making a purchase that size still deserve a certain level of service. And by what I have heard, it is also a great way to differentiate yourself in the market. Here is a few tips to make sure that the customer service you offer exceeds the monetary value of your product or service, and insures that your customers remain YOUR customers.

1) Work one customer at a time!

     If you are a listener or reader of Grant Cardone, you have undoubtedly heard it phrased as " Love the one your with" When you chose to work multiple deals, you are more likely to leave out key components in the buying process. Think about it. You are having to show twice the vehicles, handle twice the amount of objections, print twice the paperwork, and get twice the vehicles ready for delivery. Heck I'm trying to keep this simple so I wont even go into the effect it can leave on your delivery process. The truth is, If you are with a customer, and you have another customer show up, split the deal. It isn't fair to the customer your with to have half a salesman and it isn't fair to the one who just walked in either. 

2)Leave your problems at the door!

     We all have problems. Everybody who has a spouse, or children, or parents, it really goes on and on. If you have a life, you are going to have problems. But that is no excuse to cut steps in your sales process. Think about it. There are two major purchases that you are going to make in your life. And you happen to sell one of them. To the consumer, this is a big deal. Especially if they are spending 30, 40, 50+ thousand dollars with you. This is there day. They deserve it to be about them. Silence your phone, put whatever problems or stress you may be dealing with behind you, and for the next few hours put all your focus on the customer making the purchase. They know you may be dealing with things, but they will appreciate you being so thorough with them. Its there day. Let them have all the attention.

3)Be detail oriented in your delivery process!

     Have you ever bought something, got it home and never really learned how to use it? You just don't seem to enjoy it much do you? Never let that happen with your product. Now I'm not saying to go over every single little detail, but I am saying to be detail oriented and make sure that your customer knows how to operate there new vehicle properly to insure there enjoyment. Don't assume that they know how to turn on the windshield wipers, or how to operate the radio, or set the cruise control. Even if they do know how to do all of this, go over it anyway. It will show them that you care about there enjoyment and also that you are worth the money they just spent. Remember, they could of bought it somewhere else, they chose to purchase from you. Make it a memorable experience.

4) Always have a positive attitude!

     Never EVER be negative with a customer. Especially not in the delivery process. Your attitude alone will  make up for everything else that may have gone wrong. Say you didn't have the color that they really wanted, or they are having to wait to get the leather installed. When you handle your customer with a great, beaming, positive attitude. Most of the times, it seems to smooth out all the rough edges left in the transaction. Once again, remember, this is there day. Let them have it.

5) Earn there business, not there money!

     If you have been in the car business for any length of time, you have probably discovered that if you are going to be successful, you will need to be able to count on a certain number of repeat and referral business each month. If you don't handle your customer properly, the chances of them coming back is very low. Not to mention that you just lost business for your service, your parts, and some great trade ins that can also be sold for a profit. It isn't good for anyone really. Don't just hope they come back! Increase your follow up. Make sure they are happy with there purchase. And if a problem does occur, drop everything and handle it immediately. You will have the opportunity to create a fan and make it even harder for anyone else to be able to steal your customer. Don't ask for a referral, Earn it. Show them that you will take good care of there loved ones by how you take care of them. There are con men everywhere. True salesmen are becoming harder and harder to find.

These are only five simple steps that will help you increase the level of service you provide. Review what you are doing at least twice a year and make changes when necessary. Lets face it. This is a tough market these days. The internet has made information easier to access and competition is at every corner. The only way for you to dominate in your market is to offer a level of service that others don't. You can buy a car anywhere. But you can only find me here. Raise the bar on your customer service, and make your competitors chase you.

Good Selling!



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