Old Blog I wrote from when I was Internet Director at Teddy Nissan...I still Preach This!!!




As I am back to working in a car dealership again in my career I have started to go back to basics and refine myself as an internet director from all aspects.  I put my social networking skills to great use.  I put my car sales knowledge to great use as well.  These skills are all great.  However, I started to see what is great and what is not great from the aspects of handling phone ups.  Being in a 3 month old dealership with a fresh staff that is still growing and learning on a daily basis I find challenges of what I can teach to improve them and skills that are needed to develop.

We use scripts and we drill everyday.  My owner/GM has instilled in me the importance of daily meetings and training everyday.  I started doing this a month ago and have seen great success.  These meetings run 20 minutes long every morning.  We drill our phone script two to three times per person.  In addition to that we add new rebuttals and lines to help my reps be smoother and more efficient on the phone.

As anyone who has truely done this before understands, you cannot always follow a script 100% because of the objections that get thrown in.  This is why we constantly have to update our skills and come up with new wordtracks.  Ideally, we can build a whole book of things to say and teach how to say them.  I know I have one rep that has been consistently following my lead and listening to how I am on the phone.  She took all of my habits.  Sometimes I hear her and I laugh because she said something to the customer that most people would be afraid to say.  She then tells me that I created the monster in her.

I recommend that anyone who is managing an internet/bdc department to be proactive in having these daily meetings and constantly add to the knowledge that is already established.  If we are going to grow we are going to have to be creative and not be afraid to try new things.  When a newspaper advertisement, direct mailer, or email blast is about to be released, go over it with your team.  Teach them the details and how to overcome objections.  Using the typical old school scripts and trying to get them in will result in failure and disappointment on the customers end.  If you do not give them information , someone else will.  But at the same time, give a little information and take a little information.  Make it an even exchange.  This will allow for having more control over the conversation.
I sure hope this helped gain some insight and better practices for some dealerships.




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