Being Different Without 'Differentiating' Like the Rest

Your dealership is great. Otherwise you wouldn’t work there, right?

But how do you show people how great the customer experience is, without ‘differentiating’ like the other guys?


Too often, I view dealership websites that say the same thing as everyone else, even if it may be true in their case.

‘Best service in (city), guaranteed.’

‘No one will beat our prices.’

‘Our staff are your neighbors, and provide unmatched customer service.’


While these may be true (especially the fact that your staff may live in the neighborhood they sell to), your competition has every right to say them as well. And they will.


So what can you do to provide an experience the other guys can’t? One suggestion is a sincere follow-up from the sale. Given, this isn’t in the dealership, but it is an important piece to let customers know they’re appreciated. It’s much better than a template email asking to complete a survey. To me, nothing says ‘we’re done with you’ than a form email.


This is only a suggestion, but what are some truly unique things you do in your dealership that are TRULY different from the guys down the block?



Will Michaelson

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Business Development Manager

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