Car Sales Training – The Ultimate Objection Handling Guide

When handling objections in car sales, it’s important to understand the reasoning for objections, and show empathy and agreement for a buyer’s position. Not only have they been raised to be wary of the car buying process, but this is also a huge purchase for them – perhaps the largest they’ve ever made. As such, objection handling needs to be approached with understand and a good attitude.

Moreover, most buyers tend to have FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out. In other words, they are afraid that they will not get the best deal. As a result, when a customer has this natural fear, it causes them to object to things, especially pricing and payments. Since the modern buyer is usually cautious, nervous, or had a bad experience in the past, they might just be testing you. In a lot of situations, buyers aren’t actually objecting to the price, but checking to see that they got the best deal.

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