Cardone Adds Call Correction to Virtual Platform

How many times have you overheard a sales person mishandle the call?  

Now imagine rather than just railing on him you could send him/her to a place to be corrected immediately and in real time on what they did incorrectly.  And the entire correction with testing would only take 2 minutes to ensure this incorrectly handled call doesn't get mishandled again.


Now imagine Every call that comes in being categoried as to the type of call and what the buyer asked for.  And then imagine a solution for EVERY possible combination of calls that comes in with correction on what was done incorrectly and what should have been done. 

Price Calls

Appraisal Calls

Trade Calls

Advertisement Calls

Availability Calls


Call Revu, Who's Calling, Call tracking provides dealers with tracking on calls but not what people should do to differently in each call. Every sales person and EVERY call has a correction and testing!

Watch this video:

Call for a demo - 310-777-0255

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