Here we are again with the video series, Ali Reda’s Road to Sales Success. We’ve been on this journey with Carlos for over four months now. He started as a new salesman at Les Stanford with Ali Reda as his immediate manager and coach. We’ve walked you through every bit of this process as we’ve learned as much as possible to create for you a model for success. 

Last week, we began to touch on the challenges a manager faces in this industry, and how you can overcome them. I sincerely believe that they want to do everything in their power to help you succeed. The problem is… well, there are a lot of problems. I invite you to watch this week’s video to learn more.

So, managers: If you can adjust your view, and look at your business from the perspective of a coach, I think you’ll find more deals. That’s what Ali is doing for Carlos, and he is finding difficulties in it with only one employee to fight for. I assure you, we want this to work for you too - the processes of our industry should work for all of us. We all want to profitable, and proud of the work we do. 

And, salespeople: As a player, you have to know what’s going to work for your customer AND your manager before you go to desk. You have to have already gotten their picture, and looked at some next steps for the guy who wants to coach you to the win. This way, when you make it into that office you can fully and most effectively communicate for your customer. 

Your manager does want you to succeed. Unfortunately, the industry has put them in a position where they don’t have time to walk you through everything. So when you go in there, make sure you’ve got everything they need so that you both know how to get this done. You don’t want to be frustrated, and neither do they. 

If one salesperson at the dealership can start to make this shift, it could quite possibly change the culture of the whole place. Show the manager how to help you so he can help you all effectively.

Are you already doing this work? Share your experience in the comments below so we can learn from one another! 

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